Diablo 2 not working on latest mac OS Catalina

Diablo 2 will no longer start after updating to mac OS 10.15, Catalina. I think this is because 32-bit apps are no longer supported. Will the game be updated so that it will work with the new OS?


Same problem. Thanks in advance Blizzard for recompiling into 64-bits :pray:


Is there a way to solve this problem? I just updated my Mac to the latest OS


I have installation question as well. I am using iMac and yesterday just purchase Diablo 2 but cannot install it due to version different. I am current using 10.15 version for iMac. Please help!!!


Our dev team is investigating the compatibility issue with Diablo 2 and 10.15 Catalina. We hope to have more details on this soon.


Same issue as above user. Please kindly resolve it soon!


I noticed that the classic dev team is working on 64 bit for SC:R, hopefully this will eventually apply to D2.

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same here ~

We could use a virtual Windows machine as a temporary measure, but Mac users want to run Diablo 2 on Mac OS.
Please resolve it as soon as possible.


Please resolve soon! Really want to play this game badly

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I would love if this issue was resolved. I just updated my Mac today and I encountered the same problem just after two days of buying the game… Please, do something, we’re counting on the dev team!


Same here, please create a 64 bit version of D2


I just bought the game and x-pac a few weeks ago. I hope they provide an update soon.


So guys, any updates?

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You can just run 10.15 along with an older version like 10.14 or 10.13 and just install Diablo 2 on it for now while waiting to see if they will update it or not. You have to reboot while holding option key to switch between OS.

I can’t post a link apparently, this is my first ever post here. Go to apple’s website and select support and search for this article “Installing macOS on a separate APFS volume”.

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Cool man, I’ll try it out! thanks

Hey @Kaldraydis… any updates yet? is Blizzard going to fix this? At least we want to know that much :slight_smile:

I have 10.13.6 and I just installed and got in. I clicked Battle net and it patched successfully. However now the problem is that it cannot even load to an opening screen and I just get the standard quit due to an unexpected error message every time. There is a similar issue for Warcraft 3, but I was able to find a temporary fix that worked:

Is this a similar issue?
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No, this is a different issue. Waiting for 64bit Catalina fix

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Having the same incompatibility issue. Please Blizzard resolve this ASAP!

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