Diablo 2 LoD: You were disconnected from Battle.net. Please reconnect

I installed Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction on my desktop PC at home and played with my two cousins for hours just last night. Had no issues connecting. Had a wonderful time. This morning I went to work and decided to download and install the game on my laptop at work. When I tried to log in to download the 1.14D patch the game constantly said I was disconnected from Battle.net. I thought, “Okay, whatever. I guess I can’t play on my lunch. I’ll just play again when I get home.” Well that didn’t happen. For the last two hours I have been trying to log in but I get the same error message on my home PC now that I got on my work laptop. “You were disconnected from Battle.net. Please reconnect.” I don’t understand the issue here. I did some research and I have been lead to believe that the cause is because I installed my copy (one product key) on two different computers. As far as I’m concerned, I purchased the game and since I only play on one computer at a time it shouldn’t matter how many computers I install the game on. It also shouldn’t matter what network I load the game through. I did not load through a VPN as I don’t trust those anyway. I just want to play the game I paid for. I shouldn’t be penalized for wanting to play the game more often than just playing at home.

Im having the same issue. I was just on last night.

same problem here but mines because i got a new pc …

I made a ticket and was just told by a mod that I have a temporary IP restriction. How is it then that I cannot connect on two different networks? I even tried to hot spot my phone and use that and I still cannot connect. Sounds like a lame excuse to just close my ticket to me.

Hey Dalxyon,

In your case, the play restriction was likely due to attempting a login from a business IP, which is not permitted.

Typically, restrictions from attempting to use a business IP is 14 days, down to the exact second that the login was attempted.

So what you’re saying is I cannot play the game on my lunch break at work because my employer has a business IP? So I get punished for trying to play more of your game? What a joke. Guess I’ll just uninstall and call it a day. Sure as hell going to cancel my preorder of the new Diablo 2 as well. Not going to support future titles if I can’t even play the ones I already have.


The old Battlenet, where D2 is hosted, is very primative compared to the modern Battlenet. As such, the security measures on the old Bnet are limited. So, the restrictions are not a punishment for trying to play more of the game. You simply got caught up in a system that mitigates illicit activity. There are actually quite a few suspect behaviors that will trigger a restriction. A list can be found here.

D2R will be hosted on the modern Bnet so it won’t have the security restrictions that legacy D2 has.

But how you proceed from here is your prerogative.

I was temporarily restricted using a vpn as well. I know it may feel awkward not being able to login to play. So what I did was I downloaded some games from Steam and waited the 14 days out. Like basically what I did was got a red pen and marked the days on my calendar from the starting date of the restriction.

You shouldn’t have to “wait it out”. I’m guessing I’m blocked because I attempted to play right after purchase while I’m in a hotel. I work on the road and I’m almost always on the internet at a hotel or a truck stop. If that’s the case I want my dang money back. This is ridiculous if true.


Leviathan - I love how you just hide behind some bullcrap response of “oH oUr SeRvErS”

Why not address the issue and realize these people, including myself, are legitimately trying to play the game and NOT BAN THEM FOR 2 WEEKS because they used hotel wifi, work wifi, etc… you just say oh we cant do anything. <— which is NOT true.

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I’m not hiding behind anything, they are not my servers.

As to Blizzard’s servers, classic Battlenet has been out of development for years. They’re not going to update the antiquated Bnet when there’s a modern one currently in use. So it’s not a matter of Bliz can’t do something (which I did not say), it’s a matter of they’re not going to. If you choose to play end-of-life games on end-of-life servers, you choose to do so as is.

I’m in same boat with using hotel wifi for a night I can’t get on D2 battle.net. My son’s laptop that never left the house or updated has the same issue. How is any of this fair? Actually look into tickets and do something for the paying players.

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Unfortunately, a support ticket won’t help with temporary play restrictions. Because the system is working as intended, CS won’t remove/reduce a restriction.

Your son’s account could be restricted due to one of the other behaviors that the system watches for.

I had to submit a ticket and ask the question 3 different times of; do I have a temp ban on my account? After reading forums I gathered I messed up with using hotel wifi and was most likely temp banned. Only after trying reinstall and updating again did I start my ticket. Other gms just gave me download and update info after I specifically asked otherwise. I messed up, I know it now, I never should’ve brought my laptop to the hotel… but some gms don’t care and fire off cookie cutter help forum responses and frustrate the heck out of me. I also never received an email saying I was temp banned outside of my ticket responses.

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Unfortunately, due to policy, support isn’t going to remove/reduce temporary play restrictions under any circumstances.

What I’m curious about is if you (not necessarily you per se) have access to the source code of the program that is running these behavior checks on the server, or to these list it seems to log, or is it so old that it’s essentially a black box? I could understand not spending the money to develop and update an old server from scratch, or even from the point its at now, but to throw your hands up as a company and say “Ya we’re not gonna do any system administration work on this” and then charge people to play an old game sounds a bit shady.

Again, this is target at Blizzard as a whole, not you personally.

And as a follow up, will D2R be running on the modern servers that the newer games are currently running on?

Unfortunately, due to policy, I’m not buying D2R. What the hell?!? I was using NordVPN to hear the Europa League final in my language as I don’t live in my home country, tried to login to D2 and got banned (and still banned)!.. are you crazy?!? At the same time, it’s like 100% known by everybody, D2 is plagued with bots that you could so easily ban. Will not buy anything from you (I am a very disciplined customer) until this ban gets removed, it’s totally unacceptable and you say that you don’t provide customer support for this.

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Again, the play restrictions exist for a reason, Żubrówka. In fact, for the very reason you’re criticizing Bliz for here: bots. Play restrictions are part of the game’s server security and stability systems. Without it, botting would be far worse than what it is.

You are not banned. VPN use results in a 14 day temporary play restriction. The timer starts from the last unauthorized login attempt.

That is because the system is working as intended. Lifting restrictions when people ask/demand would defeat its purpose.

And that’s your prerogative. However, it’s unfortunate you’ve decided that based off your lack of understanding, and also because D2R won’t have the D2 play restrictions.

Man, how lame… i never knew such a restriction was in place… i tried to log on a labtop at my union school today and now apparently i am under this temp ban also… wish there was a warning somewhere when u log onto bnet that this can happen so easily and for so long (14 days) jeez… thats steep, so much for trying to keep up with the ladder i guess…

Gotta love how all the bots roam freely while all the people just trying to play the game get shafted constantly by blizzard

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