Diablo 2 Installer not working on MAC OS High Sierra


I downloaded the latest client available for Diablo 2. But when i open the installer and click to install the game nothing happens, it only opens the user license agreements, then when i click on Agree it it stops. Nothing happens. I wonder if it something to do with the version of my mac, it is the MAC OS High Sierra 10.13.3.
Someone could help me?



D2 LoD runs on High Sierra for me, and I have installed it relatively recently (last month or so). The LoD installer requires an existing, licensed installation of D2. You also need:

  • Admin account on the Mac
  • CD keys for D2 and D2 LoD associated with your battle.net account
  • Download the game files there, from your account page

If you can’t get that to work, go ahead and start a support ticket. They are fairly responsive to those.

Note that installing the patch from 1.14B to 1.14D (by attempting to connect to Battle.Net) will break stuff. See my reply in this thread:

This is officially a “known bug” now, which may be fixed in some future release, if/when there is one.

Inportant: Don’t update to Catalina. The game will not run at all then, since Catalina doesn’t support 32 bit apps.

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