Diablo 2 either won't open or constantly crashes during gameplay

Mid-game crashes have been an issue since I purchased the game, but they have become more and more troublesome over time. I have tried all of the troubleshooting steps provided in these forums, including a full re-install; however, none of these steps worked, and the re-install only made the problem worse: Now, not only are crashes more frequent, but I have difficulties even getting the program to run. To top off this BS, Blizzard has made it incredibly difficult to submit a ticket, so I cannot get any direct assistance with the issue.

Please fix now!

What’s the MacOS version that you’re currently on? Could you click on the Apple Icon > About this Mac and provide the information there?

We’ve had some issues with MacOS 10.13.1-3, which was resolved with 10.13. Currently, Catalina is experiencing issues with Diablo II, we have a thread about this here.

I have a similar problem. Running MacOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra). Running D2 LoD. Some additional points:

  • Game ran without problems in pure single player mode.
  • Problems began after “Open Battlenet” button initiated patching
  • Game now normally requires 4-6 launches before it will run.
  • Once running it doesn’t crash,
  • Launch crashes are of two distinct types:
    Freezes, eventually requiring a forced quit. Gives Apple dialog for reporting.
    Plain crash, giving Bizzard Error dialog for report to Blizz.
  • Same result after reinstalling (multiple times)
  • Same result installing on another Mac

I had to buy a new CD key, because the one purchased years ago was “assigned to another BN user” for some unknowable reason. Needless to say, I’m not thrilled about having to buy a new copy of a game I already owned, only to have it not run properly.