Diablo 1 Blizzard/Battle.net

This question WILL be about Blizzard/B.Net D1, but on GoG you are required to open/close your port to connect to Battle.net.

Will the same be needed for Blizzard/B.Net version or will it be more easily accessible?

I can’t figure out how to START a thread on Diablo 1, but is the version offered just regular Diablo 1? I already have it from GOG, not buying if there’s not some quality of life or bettering of it.

So far, Bliz’s and GoG’s version are the same except for a couple things (see below).

They both do require the 6112-6119 port forwarding.

Yep. But…

GoG’s version is slightly better in my opinion.

GoG has an enhanced mode. And GoG’s D1 launcher allows you to pick from classic or enhanced mode in one window. Neither of those are available in the Bliz version.

On a side note, at the time of this post, the Bliz version is very unstable. Lots of black screens and crashes to desktop.

Otherwise they are the same. I also have it on GoG so I’m not going to buy it from Bliz.

Using the GoG version might explain why you didn’t see the update loop issue. It’s only a problem in Blizzard’s version. I thought you were using Blizzard’s.

Supposedly, Bliz’s is a copy and paste of GoG’s.

I’ll try Bliz’s to see what happens.

Okay, after fighting through the DirectX issue and what seems like random crashes to the desktop and random launch freezes, I was able to get fully into Bnet on the first try with no attempted updates:

So, what would be missing on our systems that you have on yours that might cause that update loop? Would it be something from your GoG install?

You’re right, the Blizzard version is totally unstable. I think I ran the .exe from the install folder to get rid of the DirectX problem.

Just clicking through the opening flying logo vids can cause a permanent black screen. Waiting for them to play to the end, including the Blizzard North logo, (hail to the king David Brevik!) usually works to at least get to the menu.

That’s the $100,000 question! I don’t know, unfortunately. That will have to be something Bliz figures out.

But yeah, I had the same issues. I did the direct diablo.exe launch for the DirectX issue. That worked (but blacked out my screen and froze in the process, had to reboot.) The next couple times it crashed to the desktop during launch. Eventually it launched, but then crashed when I clicked Single Player or Multiplayer a few times. Finally it let me into Bnet. But even then, on subsequent tries, it would some times randomly black screen or full-on crash to desktop. But, the three times I made it to Battlenet, it worked each time.

Yeah it’s a mess.

Maybe there is something in the GoG install. Or maybe something in GoG’s game file itself. I wish I knew. :frowning:

Well, maybe they need to get together and go bowling.

For the OP… it looks like there’s some differences with the installs and how they function, but Lev has been able to get Blizzard’s working while the rest of us are having terrible issues with Multiplayer access.

It’s still necessary to configure the ports on the Blizzard version, but there are update conflicts that block access to Battle.net for many of us.

I can currently play Single Player just fine.

These are known issues for online play and Blizzard did respond yesterday saying they are working on it.

as of 02/02/2024 blizz launcher version’s battle.net doesn’t work.
you can connect to GoG “global” with the bnet launcher version (just use regedit.) but no bnet gateways USeast/West etc. (which is what the clean install provides)

ive tried mixing files (96CD, 2000CD,GOG,bnet)
hexedits, dxwnd(window mode to get around blackscreens), dll’s, hacks, etc

its just random blackscreens and no battle–net

doesn’t work. anyone even a green/blue tells you otherwise they’re wrong or lying.

my guess is key missing or account flag missing. some failed DRM attempt.

i even tried spoofing different versions to see if they messed up the exe or server.

gateways are just refusing connections. and have been for days.

not wasting anymore time on this. when they fix it hopefully they post a notice on the launcher. I’m done.

**Single player works fine. when it doesn’t black screen

That is Bliz Battlenet, hosted by Blizzard.

GoG didn’t create a “Battlenet” for their version. Blizzard created a “Global” gateway and GoG placed it into their version. This is not uncommon when a player base falls so low that having them split up on separate gateways isn’t practical anymore. For example, it was done when SC was remastered; they made the ladder global.

No need. Forwarding some ports will allow access for the Bliz version, exactly how it’s required for the GoG version.

Yes, multiplayer aside, there are more general issues with the client. Bliz is aware.

You’re welcome to believe what you want, Xcluusive. That’s your prerogative. However it doesn’t change the the reality that you are misinformed, or blindly speculating.

a fresh install of the battle.net launcher version does not have GLOBAL listed. it has
Global is (connect-forever.classic.blizzard–com) and not one of the listed servers.

this was not done with SC remastered as everyone connects to USWEST because its the only active server. and the game is P2P.

i said regedit to add the global server to the blizz launcher diablo1 serverlist >

(GLOBAL = connect-forever.classic.blizzard–com) is not one of the servers listed. when you install the game from the battle.net launcher

well i guess everyone is misinformed. as the official forums + discord & reddit are all filled with the same problem.

That’s correct. The original game has the original segregated gateways because that’s what was used back then. The new versions of Bliz and GoG have the unified gateway, likely for the reason I stated.

People connect to the individual gateways for Custom games and chat. The ladder is global. Despite being P2P, there are still data centers placed around the world that do the matchmaking. Once matches are found, the global data centers hand the match off to the players.

What is listed?

I was only referring to your assertion that Bliz/MVPs are lying. Neither Bliz nor MVPs have said that people are not having issues. I even just said above that Bliz is aware of the issues that have surfaced.

u.s. west
u.s. east

each cause an “update loop” which i assume just a connection refused. bnetlog.txt shows “Disconnecting from server” as download starts.

Global is not listed and runs only 1.0.9b
if you have Global and only Global you ran the GoG version at some point.
i’ve done this myself and the gateways change to a single server.

if this isn’t the desired case for blizz something is causing the old normal servers to be listed OR they left out the Hkey for the “new server” in their launcher/installer.

If the GoG version is overwriting the Bliz version’s gateways, are you able to see why the GoG version doesn’t overwrite the original (CD) version? I installed the original version and the 4 old gateways are there.

I only have the Blizzard version “installed” although it doesn’t show up as installed in Windows Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller. All my other Blizzard games like Starcraft and Diablo III are there. But, there is no Diablo 1 showing as installed. There’s no way to uninstall it.

In the registry…(abbreviated) HKEY/Software/Battle.net/Configuration/D1…My registry key shows only the four servers listed by Xcluusive. There’ s no Global listed in the registry.

Can you take a screen shot of that Lionheart?

Is your key structure arranged like this, or different? (Starting with Battle.net and below)

I can’t do a screenshot now. But, yes, it looks like that, but the information is in the Configuration folder. What do you have in there? All I have is the four original servers.

The D1 folder.

Exactly like that? The three “Configuration”?

The one under Battle.net has the 4 gateways.
The one under D1 has just the Global.
The one under W2 has just the Global.

I’m going to delete the D1 Key and see what happens inside Bliz’s D1 version.

Exactly like that…except for one problem. No Global anywhere. Just the original four. So, is that the problem?