Desktop App silent install

I would like to request that the desktop app install to add an option for an unattended install, ie a silent or quiet switch for the app installer.


Original is read only, so I think it’s fair to provide feedback here as well, I just came here from the chocolatey comments, would love it to be available as a package on there.


Also coming from the chocolatey comment thread. I would love the silent install feature as well.


Plz Blizzard make this happen.


Would also like a silent install option to add as part of Microsoft MDT build.


Im building one now, ill let you know in a couple of days if i find anything

Has anyone tried /s ? going to use that when i add the applications

Have not attempted a silent install recently (over a year) but pretty sure all of the standard ones were not working /s, -s /silent -silent /? -? and even had a quick look using Process Explorer to see if I could find a variable (although to be fair may have missed it).

please add a silent install option…with this being an esport now and schools needing to manage it, this would make life so much easier instead of kids having to waste time doing it.


As more colleges and universities adopt eSports, the client needs to have the option to silently install or at least a MSI installer.

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Please add a silent install option!

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I would like to request that the desktop app install to add an option for an unattended install, ie a silent or quiet switch for the app installer.


Another geek who wants app silent install for chocolatey.

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+1 to silent install. I would love to be able to install this via chocolatey + ansible when I do fresh windows installs, and a silent install would be very helpful for that.

I’d love to have this along with Choco. @MissCheetah, @Korakk-1142, @Drakuloth, @Jambrix, @Leviathan-1945, @Zuvykree and @Maguthul-11152, or anyone else from Blizzard staff who can hear us… Any kind advise here?

PS: Sorry for tagging, but I’d like a proper statement, please!

Most of the people you tagged are not Blizzard employees (green text = volunteer), and the support staff doesn’t have any hand in the development process. There is another group who monitors the forum for the feedback, but it’s rare to see them post. Next time, please just add a comment to say you’re also interested in having a feature added.

Just adding my name to someone wanting this. It makes life so much easier for me and schools that want to add esport games. Also, why not do it? At this point it just seems like something that should be standard.

I’d also like to request this. I’m a SysAdmin, and I have the skills to automate my system recovery with clean installs of all my regularly used apps. Having the ability to silently install your app and games would be a huge time saver for me, and I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

MAn I get even update MY WARZONE

+1 to silent install option. I would love to add this into my OS refresh scripts. Chocolatey is the shiznit Blizzard.

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Hi Blizzard, i’d like to bump this thread for the request of you updating the installer for the client. It’s been over 6 years since this app was able to be installed in a silent context. I am an employee of Chocolatey Software and a long time subscriber to your games. When this was working the package on our community repository had over 30K downloads. Could you please put a little TLC into your installer so I can update the package on Chocolaey’s side. Doing this would help make sharing your products and services with Chocolatey’s thousands of users a lot easier.