Desktop App silent install

I would like to request that the desktop app install to add an option for an unattended install, ie a silent or quiet switch for the app installer.


Original is read only, so I think it’s fair to provide feedback here as well, I just came here from the chocolatey comments, would love it to be available as a package on there.


Also coming from the chocolatey comment thread. I would love the silent install feature as well.


Plz Blizzard make this happen.


Would also like a silent install option to add as part of Microsoft MDT build.

Im building one now, ill let you know in a couple of days if i find anything

Has anyone tried /s ? going to use that when i add the applications

Have not attempted a silent install recently (over a year) but pretty sure all of the standard ones were not working /s, -s /silent -silent /? -? and even had a quick look using Process Explorer to see if I could find a variable (although to be fair may have missed it).

please add a silent install option…with this being an esport now and schools needing to manage it, this would make life so much easier instead of kids having to waste time doing it.