Death Knight Barbershop Raise Dead, and other spell cosmetic

Barbershop customizations, we have them for Druids, we have them for Warlocks, but do you know what other class is in dire need of cosmetics like these? DEATH KNIGHTS.

Shadowlands, the expansion that expanded our knowledge of the realms of death. The LITERAL origin of all Death Knight magic. their runic abilities, ranging from Unholy, Blood, AND frost straight from the first one The Primus.

What do death knights have as of right now? Raise dead models FROM 2008. Outdated, clunky, and an eyesore to look at, The Geist, Skeleton, and standard ghoul even after its reskin are past their prime. how can Death knights enjoy some new raise dead models?

The answer is SHADOWLANDS. Mainly the Undead from the zone Maldraxxus, with amazing models to choose from such as HD skeleton soldiers, armored shielded warriors with hulking massive bodies, and several reskinned ghoul models, and abominations, and even NEW LICHES, and maybe even some slime golems!

So would it just be rotting corpses, and bones? No. you could even expand the spell options for unholy like Summon Gargoyle, calling forth the stalwart, and noble stoneborn that hail from Revendreth! with tons of Stoneborn Gargoyles to pick from!

would it stop at the raise dead, and gargoyle alone? absolutely not! Death, and Decay visual choices in Ghastly necrotic magic, pure Sin infused blood, and even an option involving dead earth with skeletal arms raising out of it!

Change up the anti magic barrier/shell even further with Maldraxxi Lich inspired barriers, and change your death coil to other colors as well!

And the final addition involving Raise Dead, the option to use whatever player race skeleton. Do you want to run around WoW with the ability to summon a bunch of skeleton gnomes in your army of the dead/ raise dead? this is what would do it.

It’s been over a decade, and more since WoW’s first hero class came to wrath, the time is now to join along side Druids, and Warlocks cosmetic class options in the barbershop!