D2R: Sever down again 11 Oct. 21 10:40 CET

When I try to access my characters online the characters are missing again. Happened yesterday, happens this morning… Soon it’s going to be better to play offline!

Can you guys please fix this once for good? …



Servers are down again how can they be down 3 days in a row and 2 times yesterday ?

can you please just make them stable so we can play your game we are some that enjoy playing it



Same here logged out tried to log in again, online characters gone. Blizzard just don’t give a monkeys about their customers.


3 mornings in a row, what a great long weekend.

Sell your rights to Square Enix or something, your company is literally garbage.


If this is not fixed immediately I want my money back. I am not paying not to play!


Same here. Now i get the message “Cannot connect to the server”


Same here! Better not be a rollback as well

Same here. I know Blizzard staff has Zero cares for their customers’ experience with their products. There is no compensation for what they cost any of us. Some people have lives that require work just to set time aside for gaming. Which is then wasted because the service isn’t available and the people you pay for it aren’t going to do anything about it.

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All characters gone :frowning:

Pathetic… Everyday same grotesque failure…

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Here we go again! Seriously this game was release decades ago. All you did is upgrade some graphic how in the hell can you break the game this bad…

Instead of ressurecting D2, Blizzard should have ressurected the server first!

Even in the morning, I can’t believe it.

damn i should visit here first, just bought it and couldnt play due to server down, i want my money back

I’ve asked for my money back on the day it came out Sept. 23 hahahhaha

OMG again. why is D2R so broken. I remember BLIZZARD pushing people to prepay for the game and I remember thinking you never prepay in full for something as it takes the incentive out of releasing a quality product. For example you don’t prepay for someone to work on your house as, the contractor will then put your job on the back burner and never make set appointments (past experience). Seems like the same applies here. Blizz got your money and does not care.

I dont think they’re not even working on this server down… it doesnt have any warning thing on the blizz app

This is HORRIBLE!!! You heard that!!! H O R R I B L E!

me too “Cannot connect to the server”

sooooo sad…all we can do is just cry like a baby in here…like I said before… they must be using the server from 20yrs ago… and this is 2021!!!