Cyrus - Redownload issue when swapping accounts

Was there a fix for this? I have the same problem, I have an account that I had bought the retail version on, I also have this account which I play warzone on mostly, but if i log between the two bnet accounts, there is always an “update game” which is full size ~100gb


The game client is converting between the Warzone and full versions of the game when you switch accounts. At this time there’s no real work around for this. I recommend that you play the game on your full account to avoid this behavior, and submit feedback for the application here if you’d like to see a change to this behavior.

I found a temp fix. So for those people who have more than one bnet account with warzone on it, and if one of those accounts has the retail version of cod, the game will redownload as an “update” if you swap between accounts. The fix that worked for me was uninstalling the game completely, then log on to your account that has the retail version, install the entire game, and now when you swap to your alt accounts you won’t have to redownload. I think initially downloading the full version of the game first is the way to go. I haven’t had to redownload ever since I did this method