Custom Profile Avatars

At the moment we only have a choice of pre-selected characters from the games within the app itself. This doesn’t allow us to fully personalise our accounts when playing/chatting. It would be great if we was able to select our own images for use on our profiles.


The issue with this suggestion is that, if you can upload your own image, Blizzard would likely be expected to implement the option to report other players’ avatars and to moderate them based on those reports.

Also, I’m not sure I’d really like it if half my friends’ avatars were random anime stuff. Even avatars that aren’t objectionable can be a bit ‘off’ thematically.

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any update on this?s

Youre so right mate That is a must! Does battlenet want to be behind on a simple thing like this? It shouldnt be difficult to develop it. Maybe import an image from your twitter account or suchlike

I don’t even think they need to allow custom avatars partly for reasons already mentioned but if they could be more expansive in their character collection of choose-able options then even that would be greatly appreciated by the fan base. For instance I currently main a Mag’har Orc Shaman and so I wanted something very thematic and the best I can choose is either Thrall (which doesn’t work for obvious reasons) and then a red eyed/fanatic looking blood-lusted Mag’har Orc… Please Blizzard, you should at least please cover a female and male version of each class and race that are highly popularized (BE Paladin, Orc Shaman, NE Druid, etc). Thanks for reading, cheers!