Custom Profile Avatars

At the moment we only have a choice of pre-selected characters from the games within the app itself. This doesn’t allow us to fully personalise our accounts when playing/chatting. It would be great if we was able to select our own images for use on our profiles.


The issue with this suggestion is that, if you can upload your own image, Blizzard would likely be expected to implement the option to report other players’ avatars and to moderate them based on those reports.

Also, I’m not sure I’d really like it if half my friends’ avatars were random anime stuff. Even avatars that aren’t objectionable can be a bit ‘off’ thematically.


any update on this?s

Youre so right mate That is a must! Does battlenet want to be behind on a simple thing like this? It shouldnt be difficult to develop it. Maybe import an image from your twitter account or suchlike

I don’t even think they need to allow custom avatars partly for reasons already mentioned but if they could be more expansive in their character collection of choose-able options then even that would be greatly appreciated by the fan base. For instance I currently main a Mag’har Orc Shaman and so I wanted something very thematic and the best I can choose is either Thrall (which doesn’t work for obvious reasons) and then a red eyed/fanatic looking blood-lusted Mag’har Orc… Please Blizzard, you should at least please cover a female and male version of each class and race that are highly popularized (BE Paladin, Orc Shaman, NE Druid, etc). Thanks for reading, cheers!

what if your an artist? find vectoravtech on soundclo** the second post. I created the photo and tweaked a caustic demo named: SawSynth Demofourr

To the person that said they would have to monitor the avatars, they really don’t. All they need to do is have a report button, and then it can be treated like certain steam games. It gets sent to a TRUSTED person in the community to review it and say if it is good or not.

I would love to see custom avatars steam does it why cant i don’t really like the avatars thats in playstation doesn’t use custom avatars but at lest it will let me use my playstation profile pic for me and my close friend to see and the avatars for others to see at least make a system like that because i like the idea of customizing my profile to my liking i really hop blizzard sees this

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It’s pretty hilarious that this is an actual thread. This “desktop app” is so limited socially, I wonder why it even exists. of the 90s had more functionality than what we currently have. They had chat rooms, channels, and the ability to make your own channels. They had avatars displaying character armor, et al. in the channels themselves.

What is the longterm goal of this thing? Lol Do they even have any goals, let alone a timeline on which to achieve them? It took what, 5 years to even get a simple thing added like the Appear Offline function?

I feel like they have one person working on this thing, and it’s just a rotating intern learning app design on the fly; like a person actually sitting in some basement office reading a manual. That or they’ve got one of the janitors working on it. :joy:


You would think after 2 years of people wanting to have custom Avatar’s they would make it avalible already. Hell I had commisioned a Headshot and full body Portrait of My OC who is a Half Human (More Viking oriented) Half High Elf. Has A Eye Patch over the Right Eye and the Side Head Tattoo similar to Ragnar Lothbrok on the Left Side of the Head. I have already on my Steam, and Xbox been complimented on it and have 2 dozen people asking me who made it.

This is by far the weakest thing about, i mean forreal tf :confused: ?!

I agree this is a must have feature it’s absolutely ridiculous you can’t have a custom avatar everyone has them now days. all you need is a report button please sort it out…


That will be a great ideea!

All blizzard would have to do to “keep things clean” and still have customization is simply use the face profile from one of your active toons from WOW or one of the other games. A few years back, this used to work but after mergers and adding other titles to the battlenet app, things got muddied. They should go back to this, it’s easy for them to do and won’t require anyone to “censor” or monitor things as the images would be limited to your toons. They could even just create an option of whatever blizzard/activision game your playing to “Create a Battlenet” avatar in your game then upload it directly to the forum, etc. It really wouldn’t be that hard for them to do, although it might add a bit more traffic, etc. Easy solution.