Custom Profile Avatars

who cares if its anime we are sort of entitled to what we want to have aslong as its not breaking the rules i personally like anime avatars honestly i wouldnt even use this launcher if it wasnt for the fact that its the only launcher that has mw 2019 if all the modern warfare’s were available on steam i’d still be there :confused:

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Hello Blizard
I stumbled upon a terrible inexpensive launcher in Why is there no Avatar Mephisto in the avatars for the account? There are all the main characters of the Diablo universe, but Mephisto is not, but he is the ELDEST of the brothers, the lord of hatred, the boss 3 of the act, one of the primary evil. Where is his avatar, Blizzard? Where is his avatar?!

Non costumable avatars… what a joke of louncher. delete it.

no custom avatars?

r u srs? in 2024? STILL?
ah ok. i got it…
no custom avatars means

  • no moderation
  • more control
  • no uploads (= no diskspace! = CHEAP!)
    customize your experience? haha… you just got found in the alps.

your just an expendable customer not a shareholder. don’t ask for privileges you didn’t paid for!