Currency for Ukraine

This is a post from the old forums that is still unanswered:

I know Blizzard Entertiment as a very consumer-friendly company. I also believe it’s important to state I’ve been informed that all income from purchases made in Ukraine are going directly to Blizzard Entertaiment. Taxes are also paid in the country purchases were made in. That makes RUB currency only nominal.

I do not mean to be negative or offensive in any shape or form. Please, bear with me.

Rubles are a currency of a country-aggressor that kills ukrainians on the east of Ukraine (and that’s quite literal, I had to deal with the consequences myself) and annexed part of the Ukraine’s territory. Even though I’m lucky enough to live in a relatively safe region, for obvious reasons I would like to not use or even see RUB as a currency I pay your services for.

So, given everything said above, having all the prices in RUB while being ukrainian is quite uncomforting, to say the least. It’s not just about my personal preference or feelings, it’s also about how Blizzard Entertiment company overall is percieved in Ukraine. I understand that Ukraine’s market and user base might not be big enough to justify any big changes finance-wise, but I also know Blizzard Entertiment is not just all about finances, but also about consumer experience and high quality service.

Is there anything possible to be done to resolve this situation globally? Such as change currency for Ukraine to USD, EUR or even UAH while preserving relative prices? Is there anything I can personally do to make this happen?

Thank you.

PS: yes, I did search for similar threads. But unfortunately did not find a response there from the Blizzard Entertaiment representative. It’s quite sensitive topic, so any response explaining possibilities would be greatly appreciated.

For further reference:

PS2: yes, I did try to contact support. They directed me here.

For further reference: #62673936


Add Ukrainian hryvnia!


In Blizzard we trust and asking to change the currency for Ukraine.


add new currency, add hryvnya


I don’t want to use the currency of a country that disregards all international rights. #RussiaGopnik


I would be grateful for the addition of a new currency - Ukrainian hryvnia


I would like to pay in my own currency as Ukrainian. It sucks to pay in the currency of the country that violates our boarders and for which I have no use whatever, except Blizzard things.


I agree. Please, add Ukrainian currency and region politics to help us avoid using Russian ones. Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe, so I think that this kind gesture of yours will be noticed and you will get profit only. Thank you!


I do totally support the thread. Please add UAH :ukraine:


Add Hryvnia pls PepeHands

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You need to make it happen Blizzard, there are other countries in East Europe that do not use Euro but are not associated with Russia.

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Great idea, please add hryvnia or euro

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Don’t think Blizzard can add Ukrainian Hryvnias “with the flip of a switch”, but still hope it would happen sooner or later and overall I agree with OP.

Supporting the idea, Blizzard please .

Totally support the idea.
Blizzard, please add our native currency, UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia)!
At least change disgusting RUB to USD or EUR.
Seeing RUB is very embarrassing, as it is a currency of an aggressive hostile country, which breaks international rules still in 2019.

Still waiting for some kind of an official answer. It’s been over a year since the original message posted.

Hi all,

I am from Ukraine and I have spent about 50 EUR on Blizzard games so far.

I find it very offensive that as a Ukrainian player for years I have been forced to pay for Blizzard products and services with Russian Rubles, which is the currency of a country that is in a state of war with my own.

I can not see any reason why Ukraine should be tied into the same region with Russia and bound by the same currency, and it is actually quite worrying that after all the years Blizzard sees it this way. Have you got Israel down as Palestine? India part of the UK? Or France as a region in Germany?

If you can not add our official currency to the list - the HRYVNIA - then the next best option would be EUR or USD.

Get this sorted soon.

Totally agree with the point - ukrainians pays in UAH.

Please add UAH or change to USD or EUR, using RUBs it’s offensive to ukrainians

Still here, still waiting for some kind of the response.