Could not log in to

Hi all,

Anyone having issues logging into the app?
I get the title message every time and I haven’t found anyone reporting it yet.
Even if I click on “More help: …” It won’t load and I cannot even log in to my account management on the website.

Same here. Me and my fiance both cant log into our bnet game manager.

Even if I go offline and run WoW, I cannot log in because it says I have been disconnected.

Is there a known issue going on at the moment?

Keep disconnecting from the servers on overwatch too

Same here, I managed to log in for 1 minute and dc again. DC from battle net app and diablo

I can report the same… about 10 minutes now… no word on the bnet twitter feed either.

Btw: Disabled/reenabled network card, flushed DNS, and no help. Even getting on the bnet website was saying it could not be found for a while.

Support has said, on Twitter, that they are investigating the issue. Let’s be patient.


cool they must have just added that. I looked on twitter first and no mention.

Look like its solved. I could log in!

Not in USA I am still unable to connect with the bnet app

You shouldn’t mark it solved when it is not solved.

Last update on twitter was about an hour ago.


This does appear to be a rather global event at the moment. Sadly we don’t have any details yet - but investigation is happening right now.

Même moi j’ai peut juste me connecter 5 min et après je me fait déco. Sa fait environ 1 h que je ne peut pas rester connecter pour jouer avec mes amis et sa commence à être plate.

Agreed :smiley: Been over an hour and still refreshing this page and twitter and trying to log into bnet.

(On twitter now)

We continue to investigate reports of ongoing connection issues. Thank you for your patience! #BlizzCS

Same here… over 2 hours

Yes, for 2 hours now. I was in the middle of a visions run and got disconnected. Since then it has come online twice just long enough to log in and get disconnected again, less than a minute. This is only on the EU side, as I can log on to the American server app and game with no issues.

Still, cant login, and when I do its for about 2 minutes before connection is lost again.

Whats going on Battle Net?!

Same. I got to the menus but when I tried to start a game, it disconnected and now cannot get back on again.