COD:MW random ADS post COD:Warzone Pacific update

COD:MW post Pacific Map Season 2 Warzon update…running latest COD:MW, latest Nvidia Driver, Win 10 Pro 64bit game will randomly ADS and/or go to load out screen. I’ve rebooted several times, tried different input devices and even mapped these actions to different keys. No go, something is jacked up!


Activision’s QA team walked out, and it’s hard not to connect the dots to what’s just been done to COD:MW.


Seriously, they had an internal QA team but no longer have one? I need a way to report a bug officially and can’t seem to find the path to do so. This is most likely my system and most likely software issue because again, when I map ADS to ANY key it will still randomly ADS on me. I guess I need to completely uninstall and re-install?

its not you. when i play multiplayer…boots on the ground i get randomly sent to loadout screen even in middle of fire fight. i cant pick up ammo anymore. when white phosphorus ends i still get the animation until i die so i cant see anything. ive tried to find a path to report this garbage and all i get is a path to blizzard who wants nothing to do with my support ticket and just loads screen with random bug fixes or wants me to upload proof.

im hoping they are getting the picture why i refuse to purchase any additional content from them


Yep…just uninstalled the trial of Vanguard. This is a BUG in the software and they need to, at minimum, accept that. What good DEVs would do is to replicate and fix it.

I’m also having this issue, random ads why trying to play. Thought my mouse was busted, glad I looked it up.

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Same game is unplayable atm…


i have literally the same bug, reinstalled cod after 6 months or so, and i get back to this, haha.
any fixes for this weird bug so far ?

Same issues here, random ADS, random open loadout screen. Tried resetting COD,, my PC, updated drivers, changed ADS + loadout bindings. Nothing has fixed it.

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Same thing happens to me. But when it happens to me, it also happens to my teammate at the same time.

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I just submitted a support bug report at support dot activision dot com

All, please do the same!

Any fix? Had this happen to me yesterday in Rebirth.

Here’s a video of the bug.

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Like and share. I’ve reported a bug at support dot activision dot com
Won’t ever buy Vanguard if they won’t fix this terrible but with MW

Also having this issue. Windows 10 64 bit, RTX 3090, 3900x. With Logitech G502 at 500m/s.

Did anyone above with the random ADS issue while playing Warzone happen to change the config setting ‘Invert Mouse Look (Air Vehicles)’ to Inverted prior to encountering the issue?

With that, this may not be the desired workaround, but I observed that if you change ADS to HOLD instead of Toggle, the random ADS doesn’t occur, but that would require you to retrain your way of playing until the issue is resolved.

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Wacky23, I have confirmed this works, so the bug is w/in the toggle routine of ADS and for me that’s not the solution. Cool that you figured that out though.

Having the same bug since the new map/update. :frowning:

In warzone I use toggle for ADS and its is toggling me in and out of ADS randomly. I thought it was a hardware issue maybe my mouse taking a dump but yeah looks like a bug.

I’m having the same issues and RAAL MG is missing that’s half of my loadouts.