Cod.exe Ordinal Not Found

So this error I have been getting since the new season came out. I have…

  1. Unistalled and re installed
  2. Updated all drivers for every thing on my PC
  3. Searched high and low on good and tried all sorts of troubleshooting

Nothing has seemed to work. I give up. maybe i should just wait till black ops comes out and buy on steam instead of blizzard

Yeah - that’s an error that keeps coming back…

Blizzard doesn’t make CoD so this is the wrong forum for asking for help; the official answer is, if the game is completely installed, to contact Activision Support (report it as a bug, perhaps).

You might also want to keep an eye on social media groups, such as Reddit.


Ensure you have the latest version of Microsoft’s Visual C++ Redistributable… the current version is 14.40.33810.0 and it came out a week or 2 ago… you can find it here:

Good luck !

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