Cod modernwarfire


Need help,
I’m Brazilian and I never had any problems finding a match in Multplayer, but I haven’t been able to play for 3 days.
Help me, I’m in quarantine and I want to upload my game.

Thank you for your support.


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This forum is for Blizzard’s WEB APIs only.

CoD is an Activision game, if you are having a problem with the game itself you should contact their support.

Not sure what you mean by upload your game. If you are having a problem to download/install the game you might wanna try the Desktop App Tech Support forum.

You didnt seem to understand him. He reported a bug using blizzard api when downloading activision game.

There is NO API for downloading games, specially for Activision games. This forum is for the official APIs listed here:

He might have found a problem with Battle net desktop app, but that is not related to the API.