Cod modernwarfire


Need help,
I’m Brazilian and I never had any problems finding a match in Multplayer, but I haven’t been able to play for 3 days.
Help me, I’m in quarantine and I want to upload my game.

Thank you for your support.


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This forum is for Blizzard’s WEB APIs only.

CoD is an Activision game, if you are having a problem with the game itself you should contact their support.

Not sure what you mean by upload your game. If you are having a problem to download/install the game you might wanna try the Desktop App Tech Support forum.

You didnt seem to understand him. He reported a bug using blizzard api when downloading activision game.

There is NO API for downloading games, specially for Activision games. This forum is for the official APIs listed here:

He might have found a problem with Battle net desktop app, but that is not related to the API.

Perhaps people dont then realize what api is they think api is battle net deskop app. Also why even give access people for api but not deskop app bug reporting forum?

Did you also know that activision close their public call of duty internet forums leaving all pc cod players wander in a places on the internet without place to meet other players with similar issues, so ofcourse they come at here.