Characters locked themselves again

I had purchased Overwatch 1, and earlier today I played with all my characters unlocked. After the most recent maintenence they have locked once again. I just want my characters unlocked again. My main with golden gun is locked…

Already restarted pc, logged out and back into, it is definitely not client sided


Yup … same …
my characters are all locked again where they should all be unlocked.



same, how has this happened twice


Thats what Im saying, it was expected for the first few days, but its a little late for it to be happening again


Same. No reason for this to be occurring, its almost like every time you do maintenance you lock all the characters again. Sad.


Same, kinda lame. This should have been a smooth transition. And I for one am still pissed we haven’t been given any of the Campaign they showed off to us. Was a major influence for this game and bam nothing.


Im glad Blizzard decided to be as cancerous as possible. Shame on every single person who worked on the game, trash humans should eat a bullet.


I have exactly the same problem right now, I´ve played with roadhog, genji and tracer today morning and now i have those heroes unlocked. I WANT TO PLAY. solve it.


I feel like everyone is having this issue right now. My friend and I both got this bug at the same time when launching this earlier


SAME! it said i had all heroes unlocked… get in game… only had 1 playable support heroe… lucio… was fun hearing my team asking me to change, and my only answer being how great of a game were playing. and how all the bugs have been ironed out

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It probably has to do with the recent maintenance. They also stated that they are locking Bastion and Torbjorn from game modes for tweaks. The game must’ve bugged into locking all characters instead after the maintenance. I already tried relogging into the game 20 times and still no luck.

Same just happened to me, I bought the game in 2016, until last night the gameplay was normal and everything was fine, all the heroes unlocked. Now, all of sudden, most of them are locked, including my main ones. What to do to fix this bug? Any sugestions?

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I am also experiencing this issue, blizzard please fix this. I’ve put thousands of hours into this game on xbox lost my xbox account got a computer and started grinding again at the game putting hundreds more hours into it and unlocking at least 50% of cosmetics for each hero. I’ve been supporting this game since it came out can I please have access to all the heroes back?

this is stupid fix your game blizzard.

have the same thing on pc as well. was working fine yesterday night but now i have most of the cast locked…

there are people unaffected by this. and to be limited to 1 random heroe in ranked is really hard to cope with

My characters are also locked now and I have everyone unlocked. :frowning:

the same thing happened to me yesterday I was playing with Genji and Ashe and now I can’t because most of my characters are blocked as if I were a new player

yeah half my character are locked now even though I owned ow1 I cant use over half of my characters maybe more.

Same here ¬_¬ early today it was working just fine and then, almost all heroes locked