Catalina Update?

Any word on when Battle . net will run on Catalina… I am not buying a computer just to play a $20 game thats 5+ years old…


Yes the Desktop application will run on OSx 10.15 (Catalina) with out issue. We are currently aware of some of our classic games such as Diablo II not working though. Staying on the older OS or using Windows Boot camp would be the workaround for that till it’s resolved.

Thank you!

Hi there. Diablo 2 n’ D2 LOD ain’t installing inMAC OS Catalina. System sends a message saying that the app needs update.

Same issue here. I have purchased Diablo 2 on macOS and it’s saying that the “Downloader” needs to be updated.

Any updates yet?

I’d like to know the status of this as well

Hey y’all,

You can read about the Diablo 2 issues on Catalina here.