Can't download Diablo 2 on Catalina

Cant download diablo 2 on my MacBook Pro. it said clearly on blizzards website it is available for Mac… Cant contact blizzard directly for help. looked up everything I can on it. need some help and no one is there for me:( it sucks. waste of my money.

Hey hustlex17,

I moved your thread since it’s unrelated to the CoD:MW issues. Are you getting a Failed Network error when downloading the Diablo 2 installer from the website? If that’s the case, try clearing your cache and cookies and try to download a new installer again afterwards. If that doesn’t help, try another browser.

Had the same problem lately. Finally managed to download the installer app… but on Catalina, it seems that the installer app is impossible to open… what do I do… I just purchased a game that I can’t install…


There’s a known issue with diablo 2 not working on Catalina due to some programming changes to the Catalina OS. There’s no fix for this other than running a second partition on your mac with 10.14.6 or another supported operating system.

If you’d like to discuss your order and see if we can make an exception for a refund, I can’t make any promises, but if you purchased the game recently it’s worth a look. Use this link to contact support for that.

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