Cant update WoW

Whenever I try to update WoW I always get the error - “Something went wrong with a file. We’re not sure what caused it, so please try again or click the code below for more information. Sorry about that!” I have clicked the code and tried everything listed on that page and nothing works.


I’m experiencing the same problem here.


Having the same issue. Did everything on the error page. When I tried to re-install the game the same error pops up.


Im having the same issue as well. Tried everything and nothing seems to work. I still get the error

I was able to fix it by going into my task manager and ending the “World of Warcraft voice proxy” task. This allowed me to update my game. Hope that helps anyone else that had an issue with this


Your suggestion fixed the problem for me as well, thank you!

This works. You’re a genius. Thank you!

Thank you! Did not want to reinstall WoW

had same problem but did as op suggested and it fixed it