Cant update MW2 error code BLZBNTAGT00000870

Cant update MW2 error code BLZBNTAGT00000870. Its asking for permission to make changes which Is usually followed by an admin popup and you just click allow. But the admin popup is doing the popping upping.


same is happing with me its not asking for permission


Same is happening here as well. Have been trying since 9:30am EST. Using a Mac and never have had issues before. Seems to get to 90% and then pops that error. Nothing on the link helps either.

im dealing with same issue, not getting a pop up – any solutions?

This is happening to me as well.

Same thing here as welll ugh!

reinstalling seemed to work ugh!

I was having the same issue and I just ran Battle net as administrator and then it was able to get past that


This worked for me.
Seems to be an error with, it asks permission, I approve the permission, it then gives me the error code.

Close, right click, launch as administrator, problem solved.

Thanks mate.

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Mine is having the same error too, even closing and launching as admin isn’t working


None of the above solutions work.

oh my goodness i love you

none of these worked for me i dont understand whats going on any other solutions

running as admin doesn’t work either.

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all i wanna know is why dose this happen

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So I did a scan and repair and after it was completed, closed the app and ran as administrator and worked for me.

it works!!! thank you

I also found something else that worked for me if anyone is still having issues.

Open your task manager and end the Update Agent task. Click update in the app and it’ll restart that update manager.

Hope that helps.


This worked for me, thanks!