Can't Uninstall, Reinstall or open Bnet

Not sure what happened, I was playing WoW last night and everything was fine but waking up this Moring. I could not start bnet, try to uninstall it, Won’t even let me do that. Just gives me a error and same goes trying to reinstall. I went and tried everything. Deleting folders , etc still nothing. Try to use the windows program app to uninstall it and won’t even let me do that. I’m kinda freaking out, i see a few people are having the same problems as me so i hope it gets fix or someone knows how to help us.


Same. I manually deleted everything that had to do with the launcher and now when trying to reinstall I keep getting error BLZBNTBTS0000005C. Everything was working fine yesterday and I didn’t add/remove/change anything between yesterday and today.


i also got this from beta of dragonflight it crashed i did repair scan now both retail and beta and any other game on Bnet comes up with installation is damaged. and asks to do scan again but no dice just 100% broken.
tried to reinstall a smaller game that fixxed it but i dont have banwit to download 100gbs and all other bnet games to fix it.

I installed battlenet but cant open it, error BLZBNTBTS0000005D


Same Problem,
Can open but not connect, update or uninstall app.
Whats going on Blizzard ?
the problem is now 3 days ongoing…
billions of dollars but no great writers ?
what a shame!

Same here, i`ve tried everything but no results.


I have the same problem

Does anyone know of a solution?

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have the same problem here cant open blizzard/battlenet it say games.oops

I am having the same problem. I cannot uninstall/reinstall bnet and i cannot load games

same.I uninstalled it ,but the problem not solved
I keep getting error BLZBNTBTS0000005C

i have just followed these instructions to delete bnet files and run the bnet app again and its working - hope this helps you
Deleting Files - Blizzard Support


Same issue here, cant uninstall, cant reinstall.

It works for me thx sir!

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Thank you. It works.

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Come on guys! 2 days off! I need a solution please! No unistal no reinstall…I am stuck

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this works Pog this should be posted at the top i tired everthing from other forms but they dont mention this

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hey guys,
I’ve been dealing with the same problem for a week now, and nothing seems to be working.
Blizzard, resolve this as soon as possible; we will not tolerate a crashing game for long…

seriously thank you, 3 days and i couldn’t log in and this fixed it easy

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I as well am seeing this problem. everything is uninstalled and deleted but can not reinstall.

This worked for me too. Thanks mate

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