Can't Uninstall, Reinstall or open Bnet

Thank you, this worked :slight_smile:

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Thank you it works for me.
Need to update all the COD games after this.
BOCold War need to be updated for 140GB , Modern Warfare around 17GB update

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It works! Thanks alot mate

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Thank you friend you helped me this really worked.

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Guys i had the same issue been 3 days i followed every step they offer you under the error code none of them works. Go to where your battlenet located possibly "C " folder and delete the Battlenet folder. Then run the battlenet setup exe re upload again its worked for me when i did that.

You are all dreaming it is not a issue.

Well followed the advice to re install the app to get WoTLK classic to update. After uninstalling the app and trying to install it again it just gets stuck at the “Updating Update Agent” then it gives me the “Whoops! Looks like something broke.” message. The error code is “BLZBNTBTS000007D0”. I’ve deleted all blizzard and folders from %PROGRAMDATA% %LOCALAPPDATA% %TEMP% & %APPDATA%. I’ve deleted all activision blizzard games off my C:\ drive. Network reset… etc everything they’ve said to do yet still can’t download the app. Any ideas?


Welcome to the not installing club

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