Can't play nor uninstall Destiny 2

As discussed here Can't uninstall Destiny 2 battlenet file I have this game installed, and it won’t play, telling me I need to launch it from the blizz launcher. I’d like to “properly” uninstall it (using the launcher) but as discussed, its been removed. I could try to just delete the folder, but will I run into issues with this?

Also, I had a CoD game installed, found it in the launcher, located it, uninstalled it no problem, so I know how to do that/know it works when the game is still there.

Hey there,

So Destiny 2 has not been on the platform for some time. There was a year period when Bungie was making the switch to steam to move your license over to steam and remove the client from

At this point however the only way to remove it would be to delete the files/folders manually. That will do the trick but be aware you may see a ghost install entry listed in the add remove programs for Windows. You can safely ignore it. is hot garbage half of the tabs and links dont work.
having Deleted Destiny 2 over 2 years ago still cant remove it off of Program and Features .
the 3 dots next to shop nothing on it works. Neither does Games or Shop.
Pretty much only thing that works is the Play button 60% time when it doesnt get into a boot loop…

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