Cant play mw3 , you are missing multiplayer dlc pack

henever I attempt to access Modern Warfare 3 modes within Call of Duty HQ I receive an error that DLC packs are missing and I am prompted to install the files through Manage Content. When I follow these instructions it shows MW3 is already installed


See this topic:

See if the post marked as a solution, or other suggestions made in that topic, works out for you.

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I am encountering the exact same problem. I download the game and played for a bit. Then if I close out the game and return the games are all locked and says to buy MW3. If I scroll down to MW2 it says manage files and prompts me to install. BUT… I have installed this game at least 10 times now. So frustrating that the files just disappear overnight. I am going to try to contact Activision. Any information on possible fixes yet?


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