Cant play COD, authentication required, No SMS recieved

Trying to play COD. When I launch the game from the app (logged in with authenticator) I am presented with a message :

AUTHENTICATION REQUIRED, click here to exit and authenticate.

When I click the link I am taken to a web page and asked to enter the SMS code that has been sent to me… However I do not get an SMS… If I resend code, No sms.

I can receive SMS if I was to remove the authenticator from my account and then re attach it, I knwo because I have done that in an attempt to make this work… The sms there works just fine. But NOT from the page I am linked to when I try to launch the game


Same issue here I just bought a $1500 PC in attempt to swap all my stuff from modern warfare Xbox to modern warfare on PC I bought a 2 year old 3 year old game for $63 again I boot it up and it says blizzard needs a phone number added I go in add the phone number no SMS received and now it says request limit reached I guess I’ll have to wait another 24 hours before I can try again??? Going on day 3 now

I’m currently having the same issue with not getting an SMS code. My account has been verified and my number/email have been verified already and I have the authenticator attached to my account as well. Weird how I was able to play no problem 12 hours ago but cant now because of this stupid bug or whatever the issue is.

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There seems to be an SMS issue they are investigating related to the Battlenet accounts.

bonjour jai exactement le même problème si vous savez quoi n’hésité pas à donner la solution…
bonne soirée

bonjour jai exactement le même soucis

Same issue in France, it seems to occur only with one operator. I can’t play to warzone. It’s been too long that the issue exists. Blizzard should cancel the sms verification requirement until they fix it.

I also have the same issue… It requires SMS secu code but no SMS to my phone!

I was preparing myself for Overwatch 2 and I got the same issue. No sms with verification code

Same here from France and Free operator (I don’t use prepaid card)

can they not just abolish this stupid system? it doesn’t work, it causes frustration and just endless tickets spamming in forums in hopes to find a way around it. I mean come on, having to raise a ticket to change region on an account ? wtf!?

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