Can't install the Blizzard App after "uninstalling" it


Same issue here. Same steps taken. Can only patiently wait for any information to be available on the topic.


Well, all went to hell indeed.


Yupp, i did exactly the same and had the same result as everyone else described before me.
Help would be kindly appreciated, Blizzard.


I have a completely new PC and I don’t get the Blizzard-App installed for the very first time. I opened up a ticket at technical support. Greatings from Germany!


Greetings from Poland.


Blizzard said: “We are currently investigating reports of login issues. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. #BlizzCS


im from argentina and i have the same problem, i hope all have some fix of that, because i uninstall host and the


I am so relieved that so many people are having the same problem. This means it’s not on my side and that it’ll be solved. I bought the campaigns pack of Starcraft II, then went out to work a bit (30min) and then this…

Well, even if the problem is not on my side, from my research I could see that Blizzard BattleNet App is simply not good.

That’s a shame indeed… but still, I am relieved that the problem is not on my side.


i have same prob i try everything and i got block on download bnet at half on download.BLIZZARD FIX THIS FAST I WANT TOO PLAY!!!


I’ve the same problem.


The issue here has been resolved. Thank you.


Same here. Solved, but reinstalling everything is not nice


How was it resolved?


here is not solved, i try to install the and stay frezze at %50… im the guy from argentina


got the same thing, live in norway.


i have same problem. EU region too


im the guy from argentina, now i can install again the and now im install host, all good here now, hope all fix quick in your region.


I can install now but I deleted HS trying to install it again before I knew the problem


Solved here as well. Spent about 2 hours trying to fix something that wasn’t even on my end …


Hey all,

We are investigating an increase in the BLZBNTAGT000008FC errors after a recent patch. Our engineers have implemented a temporary fix while they work on a more permanent one.

Thank you for reporting this to us and for your patience in these matters.