Can't install the Blizzard App after "uninstalling" it


Same problem :frowning:

Can´t seem to get the Desktop app installed!

i still cant install the app, thought the problem was on my side and uninstalled everything and now its stuck at “Updating Blizzard Agent”


Stil have same problem with install app, if someone fixed that - tell me how?))


hmm i had the problem, then it dissapeared temporary but now its existent again for even more games in the battle net :smiley:


Seems i found how to fix that, but not sure for how long


Delete app, then run any game which were installed throught app and this will make work special app install, when it will finish - everything will work.


Thank you bro, the solution that you are proposing actually works!


Hey all,

I noticed some updates on our investigation and wanted to check in on everyone. Are any users still getting an error trying to uninstall/reinstall the app? If yes, what error code?

Let us know!


You are always welcome :wink:


I encountered the same problem for the past 2 days, and it seems the latest installer version “” won’t work. I used a old version installer “” and it installed flawlessly.


Ok, I tried installation one more time this morning. Before I also restarted my router. This time installation of the went flawlessly. @Blizzard: I don’t know what you guys have done or maybe it was the reboot of my router, but it seems to be fine know. Thanks anyway!

Update >> For the record, I also tried uninstall and reinstall. Worked fine so far. Funny aspect by the way: after uninstall all files in my download-folder have been deleted as well. Don’t know why.


I also restarted my router and it does fix the problem atleast mine! :slight_smile:


If u want install the app, NOW!, now work! :slight_smile: GL!


This gave an idea to check if flushdns helps. Indeed, restarting the router + flushdns = the battle net app immediately shows “play” button. No need to point to a game installation folder or to reinstall.
I did not need to restart the pc either.



I cannot install It either gets stuck before choosing a file location or I get the error message: BLZBNTAGT000008FC. I have tried resetting router, resetting cable modem, adding another administrator account, deleting directories, pausing my antivirus/firewall, deleting my VPN software, resetting the PC. None of this has worked. I think the only recommended action I have yet to try is hardwiring into the router. I would find this very difficult and I doubt it would do much as my WIFI speed/connection strength is very good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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