Can't download battlenet (Windows PC)

I’ve tried everything I’ve seen suggested and still cant get it to download, all I want is to be able to play the games I paid for…


same here bro. been unable to do anything related for 24h… dont we pay for every game so it should work everyday?


Как поиграть, если героев нет? сколько они будут удаляться и когда вы наладите работу серверов? играть невозможно. Примите, пожалуйста, действия. Вплоть до закрытия и доработки игры (серверов).

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agreed, but I guess I am just throwing money out the window

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Howdy Recoverycat,

Can you provide more information on the error you’re receiving when trying to install the app. With that we should be able to provide more information on how to get it fixed up.

i have tried everything from digging through my computer to delete all the files multiple times just to re download it and the window not open

Same. The download fails with, network error.

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same here man. I just want to play warzone with my friends since i moved to pc and i cant even download battlenet. for me it just stays in the downloading phase and just stays like that until i x out. its really frustrating

Yea same with me. I wanna play warzone and have a sort of good time (because of the cheaters) but every time it’s error code BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 I just wanna play my game bro

I would really like some help aswell. Ive made a thread 24h ago and still no reply. My update agent keeps staying stuck at update agent and after a while i get an connection error. Ive done everything ur thread’s suggest. I’ve deleted all temp files, ive tried downloading different links, put off firewalls, put firewall on router a little lower, closed all other apps, tried downloading with a VPN, i even resetted internet completely. Nothing works, when i make a ticket with diagnostic files it just gets deleted the moment i turn it in. I find this is getting ridiculous. Dont we pay for a game to not get this type of errors?

is there any solution to the network error download failure yet
ive tried atleast a 100 times


Trying to update d2r with the latest patch and i get this error.

Tried every suggested solution and nothing works, made a ticket with dxdiag and msinfo but it got deleted? Please fix or let me know what i need to do… so sad can’t play on the weekend :frowning:

I am receiving network error. Same as everyone else. I thought it was only me.

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I have been getting the same thing so I got thinking if anyone the has a copy of a one of the newer game disk just see if that would install the Battle Net app for pc

same here i stay stuck at: Downloading new files any help?