Can't download

I tried different days in different browsers and nothing works…
Keep showing up the “Failed - Network error”, im on a MAC.


Same here on windows… this is frustrating trying to get back to a game that wont even install a fing launcher lol


Same error here, Windows version, everything is up to date, still can’t download the bnet app…


Hey all,

If you’re getting “Failed - Network error” when trying to download the it’s possible there’s something interfering with the connection to our download server. Here’s what I would recommend trying:

  1. Run a malware/adware scan to ensure nothing is infecting the system and affecting the download.
  2. Temporarily disable any firewall or anti-virus software, then try the download again.
  3. Check the proxy settings to make sure the connection is not being redirected.
  4. Test the download using a different web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.)

If you’re still not able to complete the download, perhaps try using a different connection such as a mobile hotspot (using mobile data) to see if the download will complete. You could also try connecting through a VPN, which may get around any configuration issue or problems on the internet provider’s side that may cause this download error.


I had the same issue, it’s blizzard’s download page it’s being blocked from but the software will download it, almost like it’s a different location.

Not sure if this helps anyone. I still had access to a game launcher. If you run the games launcher, it will install battlenet, the launcher was about 4gb. My housemate tried downloading the game, same issue. All files tried from were cancelling. The system was confirmed as virus/malware/adware free.

I hope the above helps track down the issue. Now back to PTR download


Solution found at thread:

Thanks to @Kaldraydis.
There is a working link for battle net client.

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