Cant change country

I dont want to provide any govt issued ID but I want to change my country to Germany. I jokingly put in Russia as my country but i want to connect a phone number but the area code is russian instead of german

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If you wish to change the country for the Bnet account you will have to provide the proper documentation to prove you live in the country you wish to change it to.

You can change your country / region on your Blizzard account by using our country change feature. If you are unable to use the feature, submit a legible image of your most recent utility bill with your name and new address.

To do that you will have to submit a Ticket to Billing and Account Support.

The alternative is to use the Country Change feature that requires you to authorize it via Authenticator code, SMS Code (you have to have those set up on the account) OR Govt Issued ID.

All of this is done as a Security measure to protect accounts from malicious activity. Blizz requires us to use our real info when we create a Bnet account. While they don’t go looking for false info, if you ever run into a Customer Service problem - like adding a phone number to the account - it can make things much more difficult if the info is not correct.

If you do end up having to attach ID you will want to read VERY carefully about how to submit it (what parts to cover) and what they do with it. It is deleted when the ticket is completed. By law Blizzard has to abide by all the Personally Identifiable Information protection laws at the Federal and California state level. I assume they also have to follow the laws of the EU as well.

would a screen shot of my real phone number with a german area code or what should i provide? A google maps image of my current location? I’d much rather not provide ID. Also what should I provide at the “primary account holder” thing


The Support article specifies exactly what documents are accepted for a Country Change.

You can use the Self Help tool which requires one of 3 things:

  • SMS Code sent to your phone if you already have SMS set up
  • Authenticator Code sent to your mobile device if you already have that set up
  • Govt Issued ID

OR you can submit a Ticket with a Utility Bill in your name with your current address.

I linked the Support article explaining that and put the Utility Bill part in bold.

Your legal name as the registered Account Holder.

Blizzard does not allow account sharing or account transfers. The exception is a parent or legal guardian may share a Bnet account with one minor child. That is the only case where the “primary” or “secondary” part comes in. Otherwise, the only person on a Bnet account should be the adult it is registered to.

I know this is an old topic, excuse me.

I have the same problem now. If the location is not set correctly, you basically can’t do anything. I know you wrote specifically ‘‘if you already have set that up’’ for some options, but if someone didn’t, like me, he is screwed.

I lived 10 years ago in the Netherlands, but never changed my location to Germany, where I live now.

I want to play Diablo Immortal. Unfortunately it is not available in the Netherlands, which is ridiculous in itself, but that is another story.

Since my location is set to Netherlands, I can’t use the SMS code option you mentioned, because the system expects that I have a Dutch number. So it’s automatically set to +31. Therefore, I can’t change my phone number to a German number. I should be able to use any phone number I want. It honestly blows my mind that I am forced to have a phone number from the country that is written in ‘‘my location’’.

I can’t use the authenticator option either, because I have to verify my phone number and again I can’t use my German number. It expects a Dutch number. So my only option is the ticket service.

Honestly, this is a pretty bad system.

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This country/legion thing is really bad system, you want us show you our ID ? Do you know people in Japan can use your ID online to get a loan, and make you suffer in dept, and YOU want we give you our ID, really ? Ridiculous, let me tell you something, we not gonna risk our live because some “game”, just some code and animation, we just want to have fun. I already want to recharge to this game but your customer service is bad, really bad

Correct. You will need to put in a ticket and prove that you are the account holder and prove that you live in Germany. Then Blizz will change your country location for the account.

You can change the country/region on your account by using our country change self-service. If you are unable to do so, submit a legible image of a recent utility bill with your name and new address for manual review.

I believe Blizzard requires a utility bill in your name with your current address before they will change it for you. If there is a question about who the account holder is, then yes, they may require ID as well.

That ID is deleted in accordance with Personally Identifiable Information security laws. Further, Blizzard requires you to cover some of the information on it.

Here is the info on it if you need to submit one.