Cannot download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Background: I created this topic previously and it was moved to Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Slow or Stuck Downloads. I am creating this topic again because the linked topic does not have an answer and there has been no update in 20+ days. Please do not move my topic a second time to a pinned topic that is dormant.

Context: My downloads for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are stuck at ~150 KB/s. I have a 1 GB/s FTTH connection. I can download Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth without issue at ~20 MB/s. It is only Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that does not download. I have been running the download without stop since Sunday night and my progress is now at 6%. I read and followed all the help topics in this forum and from the knowledge articles and nothing worked so far.

Request: I am looking for new suggestions to fix my challenge. I want to play the video game I bought.