Cannot download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Background: I created this topic previously and it was moved to Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Slow or Stuck Downloads - #438 by Roze-2417. I am creating this topic again because the linked topic does not have an answer and there has been no update in 20+ days. Please do not move my topic a second time to a pinned topic that is dormant.

Context: My downloads for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are stuck at ~150 KB/s. I have a 1 GB/s FTTH connection. I can download Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth without issue at ~20 MB/s. It is only Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that does not download. I have been running the download without stop since Sunday night and my progress is now at 6%. I read and followed all the help topics in this forum and from the knowledge articles and nothing worked so far.

Request: I am looking for new suggestions to fix my challenge. I want to play the video game I bought.

Don’t bother downloading this waste of a game. consider yourself lucky it didn’t work. Do something better with your time like washing your driveway.

Hey KleverKy

I’m going to go ahead and lock up this post. There is no reason to reopen a 3 year old post to simply reply with unhelpful information. If you are having issues with Call of Duty you will want to make your own post or submit a ticket to our technical support agents.