Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Slow or Stuck Downloads

Really Blizzard?!

I need to connect to a japanese server with VPN from Hungary, to download the latest 30gb patch ?? You can’t fool me with the answer that if i choose a less frequent time of the day, the download speed will be better. It’s 00:30 am now in Hungary. Without VPN my download speed mostly 0 kB/s, in fortunate times it goes up to 300 kB/sec. With VPN i can download the patch with 6-7 MB/sec.

Same problem with download btw my download is 600KB/s LUL i have a 100MB/s Internet.
I life in Germany

WTF Blizzard???

They should be giving us all a refund of payments to Blizzard Accounts

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I have speeds of up to 110 MBps yet I’m down to as low as 90.0 KBps
what the Heck are you clowns doing with throtaling your servers ??
I’d like to throtle your necks!!!

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Tried this worked 100% with me

I’m mostly amazed that there is 414 replies and not a single answer from any mod or dev…

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The situation has not changed in the last month due to much of the world still being on lockdown due to quarantines. I’m reposting this to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the thread.

This is just blablabla. Internet capacity is way from being overused. It is just your infrastructure that sucks in Europe!


Please this is a lame excuse, upgrade your servers and your bandwidth you’ll be right. Stop restricting speed, cause the long it takes for us to download the longer it takes for the next person to get the game.

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[quote=“Zenlaka, post:93, topic:4682”]
As a result of increased network demand on the internet at large, we’ve seen an impact on players’ download speeds when trying to install or update their games. We continue to monitor and adjust elements within our control to get these downloads to you as quickly as possible, while also working in a space with ever-increasing demand for bandwidth across the internet at large.[/quote]

I call balls on that sorry, you need to do some upgrading then, stop making the customer cop it because your slack.

Nope this is just an excuse, upgrade. The longer it takes for us to download, the longer it takes for the next person to get the update and or the game. Make our downloads faster then we can get it, get it over and done with, and the next person can get it. Stop making excuses for your crappy service.

Please cut the crap, not everyone has crappy internet, you admitted because you de prioritizing. You’re corporate jargon doesn’t work on those who are good on PC’s. Do you expect to being talking to people that know nothing hmmm?

And the rest of the stuff you said with all due with respect sounds like incompetence. I wouldn’t put up with this crap from my ISP or anyone other company that pulls this crap, why should we take it from yours?

We are gamers and we are not stupid, get your act together.


funny how literally nothing works here.

tried vpn, tried different regions, got one of the fastest internetproviders in the city, dota2 update goes for at least 10mb/s and overwatch für 20-25mb/s and this “game” gives me 0,1-0,6mbs…

even on patches or fixes with 200mb i only dl with maximum 0,6mbs.

this issue exist since the release / partner up with activision and there is freakin no fix. paying 60 bucks for a 170gb game and nothing works. the best compensation we get here is another double xp weekend where no1 gives a rabbits a ss about it.

this is a joke rly. those fixes mentioned up there seems like its just coincidence for those who got past the 5mbs mark.

downloading a 170gb game with 0,6mbs tops is a disgrace.

2mbs would be at least somwhere decent … (not perfect) but everything under 5mbs is … … ffs…


My issue was slow download (200 KB/s). I saw a noticeable improvement by updating the network bandwidth (Settings -> Game Install/Update -> Network Bandwidth).

We use Spectrum and have download speeds of about 100 MB/s (not every site supports that though). For the Blizzard download, I set it to 5000 (about 5 MB/s) and that seems to be moving it along at about 4.8 MB/s on the American servers.

The downloader, much like the Steam client use to do with it’s downloads, may restrain your computers over-all downloading speeds (becomes the priority). If that’s the case, try half the speed above. If you’re on a slower connection (at least DSL), you should be able to download at 2 MB/s (2000), which will still take awhile but should push it along.

If I run into any issues after the download, I’ll head back here for an update.

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VAC is terrible… If this game was on Steam it would be flooded with cheaters and it would die very quickly.

I gave them more than 70e just to get a game that’s close to 200GB with each update another 30gb(granted it replaces most of it but still) . ) There is 0 support or honesty from the devs and I feel like the biggest fool for spending my money here. It will never happen again especially on a game that gives me grey hairs by the minute. Very bad download speeds, very bad optimization of the game , very bad lags and servers and 0 support. It’s a shame cuz warzone could have been really really good…

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Man this is just unbelievable ! 3rd big update same issue again and again. I got 100mbps dowload speed and i got 20 to 200 kb . It s been whole day i still 18 gb dowload left. None of those solutions are working. Clearly nothing left to say for me.

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Getting fed-up with this slow download been downloading for a day now and not even half way done think its been 3 updates since lockdown days of sitting waiting for slow downloads sitting at 80KB 150KB then you get an error so then you have sat waiting not noticing its stopped then needing to restart again its a joke.i only have max speed download of 4MB a sec and getting these slow speeds is not fair upgrade your service if it cant handle the load.

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I read the existing posts about this problem pinned at the top of the subforum. I followed the troubleshooting steps I read. None of them worked. I am looking for additional help.

When I try to download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare my download speed is ~50 KB/s. When I try to download any other video game through the app or other video game digital distribution apps (e.g., Stream, Origin) my download speed is ~40 MB/s.

I do not understand what is going on. I opened a ticket with Blizzard Entertainment but figured it cannot hurt to also ask here. I may get lucky.

i have fiber internet 1000gbps internet speed all other game launchers from steam to gog and even uplay have downloads speed ranging from 50-100 mega per seconds download speed either its a patch or a full game,even downloading from browsers from random website is faster…

but the battlenet launcher by blizzard owned by the giant activision is struggling to give me more than 6 mega per seconds and even drop to the kilo per seconds(what are we back in the early 2000’s?!)

and dont give me the situation blah blah blah excuses just 5 days ago i bought rdr2 on epic game launcher the launcher everyone loves to hate and the download rate never dropped below 26mega and it peaked at around the 70’s.

the way the download speed are the lowest in the business is unacceptable especially when its their game call of duty modern warfare(that you cant purchase anywhere else on pc)that requires a 30gb patch every few weeks,and to add insult to injury this game single player content also need a constant internet connection,in other words if the game is not patched it cannot be accessed!

this is bad way to fight piracy by punishing your customers,meanwhile if i had the game on a console the patch would have finished downloading in 40 minutes max!

i regret buying this game just because of that.

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I would like to know, I live in Finland, and so for my region is set to Europe.

This whole day I’ve tried to download MW with my 1000/100MB fiber connection, but it’s still not completed, speed is like 2MB/s.

When I dig bit more deep into this issue, I noticed that Blizzard Update Agent only downloads data from US-servers (based on IPs). Have you maybe all Europe servers down or what a hell is happening, that patches gets downloaded all the way from states?

Living in the UK 370mb Fibre. Basic UK network download 2Mb p/sec on Switched VPN to United States using Proton VPN (free unlimited single user - comes with a 7 day non-subscription Premium trial btw) & BOOM! 8-10Mb p/sec.

Blizzard, proper sort your allegiance out. Asia was only 1mb p/sec. I have been avoiding buying MW due to it being available on only but here we are. 108Gb took 10 hours overall & the last 65Gb took less the 2 hours. Utter joke of a service with it just over being half a year after release.