Cannot connect from south korea/japan since November 25, 202

Same here. Sure miss playing games with my bros in the US :confused:

Can we get an update here?

I’m about 95% sure at this point that Blizzard’s response to the Thanksgiving DDOS attack was to ban all connections from Korea and Japan, and it’s insulting that their response to paying customers, still 5 days later, is ‘consider paying for a VPN to evade our ban.’

Can you please work on fixing the actual issue? Instead of banning ‘the good guys’ too?

I’m hoping this will be resolved today during the maintenance. I was told this is most likely an issue on my side (ISP or my home internet) and if there was an issue with the battlenet service then they would see more complaints. I was also told to use a VPN. But is this even allowed while playing WarZone or COD? I would be furious if I was still paying for WOW. All I wanted to do was BUY some games furring Black Friday. Now I’m like, why would I give them MORE of my money?

Seems fixed now. That’s a lot of downtime :confused:

I had same issue from Japan. BLZBNTBGS80000011 Error code.
I could not only use kr site since Nov 25 until today.
I want share my solution if it can be help for another people.
I hope this will be help.
I never use VPN software. But I checked my network interfaces, my environment has “TAP-Windows” interfaces (that is for NAS functionally). Iremoved this device driver. Then after, this issue was solved.
In my knowledge, some of network games are denied to use VPN. This is include VMWare or another Virtual environment software that is used specific network driver. if you have use thos software, please update latest release or, removed it. *But I think this issue is depending Blizzard changed anything from that date.

It’s fixed.Thank you Ayala :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Issue ID: #82240528. Still experiencing issues connecting to any Blizzard games (Hearthstone, D2R, WoW). I have used a VPN to connect to the servers, however, the latency makes gameplay too difficult to work with. I’ve been experiencing this for about 1.5-2 months now. Going to discontinue my WoW subscription until the issue is resolved.

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