Cannot connect from south korea/japan since November 25, 202

Betting they just IP banned some regions to stop the ddos so they could go eat turkey. Ridiculous that games have been inaccessible for 36 hours now

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How are you gonna compensate this happening? Just typing “we are doing our best” and acting just like nothing happened? Don’t really care your people do immoralities with your coworkers. Just do your work.

Free vpn works, ping’s bad and seems to point to a regional IP ban.

Having this issue in Japan.
How can you allow your service to just block out entire regions? I mean come on…

One eternity later… please. It’s been 2 days already.

I have the same issue in KR. Using vpn allowed me to connect… hope it is fixed soon.

Any update? Heading into a new day in SK/JP.

Here in Japan, still not connecting.

Same issue for me in SK still… do you have an estimated time this will be fixed??

not connecting to vanguard, warzone, or cold war. 26NOV21 1034 local time. been trying everything for the past 4 hours. very frustrating

Do you have an estimated time this might be fixed for us in SK?

Same problem. It is still going on for three days. I’m in Korea.

same here. I’m in Japan still can’t connect to server for 2 days. BLZBNTBGS80000011 Error code.

I’m in South Korea and I haven’t been able to log in for 3 days unless I use a VPN to connect to Japan or back to Canada. My Korean friend has had no issues connecting and continues to have no issues. I think this may be an issue with foreign accounts logging.

My game is working now in SK. Hopefully it works for the rest of you!

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Playing from KR, seems to be fixed now. Thanks blizzard

Still unable to play games from Japan…

From Aomori, Japan (realm: Turalyon). Day 2 after the DoS attack, and still unable to connect/log in. I posted on Twit @BlizzardCS for an update, but no response. I followed the steps from the link posted on their tweet after the attack with no change. I tried connecting with a VPN to no avail. I have talked to a few friends from the U.S. and Japan about the issue in Discord, and friends from the U.S. can log in just fine, but those from Japan cannot. The affected patrons are in the Asia-Pacific region; this conclusion is that I and friends from Japan and reading forum posts from other affected players. Trying my luck for an answer here; it is very likely, I will not receive one. Any new update to the connection issue and a timeline of when it may be resolved would be significant, rather than keeping players in the dark.

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Agree totally. It’s pretty crazy that an entire country can be locked out.

There is literally no indication that they are working on this.

I’m in Tokyo, Japan.Still can’t play at all.2021-11-29T15:00:00Z