Cannot connect from south korea/japan since November 25, 202

Having no luck connecting even after the ddos attacks have been solved.
Looking at posts on the world of warcraft forums, it seems like its a regional thing and everyone in asia at the moment can’t connect. I’ve tried every step mentioned in the tweet and still no luck. I’m just stuck on “connecting” on the launcher and I can’t connect to any games either.


Same here. Cant put in a ticket. Site wont load it.

I’m also expereincing same thing. It seems they are blocking foreign IP. I changed my IP and it temporary allowed me for app connection but disconnected soon.

This is ridiculous. 13 hours later, still not a single response…

Same here from Japan, seems like a blanket ip ban. I can connect fine using my cellphone though

Same here. Tried everything they have said, reinstalled and everything. Won’t work. Friends eventually had to download a VPN, but I don’t have that availability atm.

hihihi,I am also in Japan, which server are you from? my discord is Ikikii#1394

Hey all,

We’ve seen a number of reports recently for players in Korea and Japan. Collecting reports now. Based on the behavior and the reports I’ve seen since I got into the office today, it looks like players are able to work around this using a VPN. We don’t consider this a fix, but it’s worth testing to get into the game while we work on this. If there’s a free VPN you like to use, or if you already have a paid one, try connecting to it and see if it lets you online.

Let us know how it goes, and if any other players are having this problem from KR/JP, please feel free to post here while we gather info.

This still doesn’t work for me. Are you guys working on the matter or not

Same here. BLZBNTBGS80000011 Error code. Maybe the server is blocking IP from some regions. In addition, even VPN does not help.

Any update yet? 5chsr

Same reply as in the WoW forums, VPN doesn’t help.

I am experiencing the same issue from KR. Yesterday could not even log in. Now after reinstalling I log in on PC, but the game does not connect to the Americas region where I play. Changing region works, but I dont have my progress there ofc. My friends in my home country can log in with my credentials no problem.

Having the same issue in South Korea. I haven’t been able to connect to the launcher or play blizzard games since the ddos attacks. Probably going to just unsubscribe at this point.


Make sure you guys don’t have split tunneling turned on for your Blizzard games in your VPN. ExpressVPN is working for me.

South Korea here. BLZ51901016 error since yesterday. Express VPN with a US address gets me in.

Cannot log in from Czech Republic (Central Europe) to EU Bnet. Got Error BLZBNTBGS80000011. Using VPN with German (neighbour state) connection point allow me to connect EU Bnet.

cannot log in to the from czech republic, im using my vpn to the UK and it lets me in, please resolve this

Are you serious? This still isnt resolved??? CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS NOW