Can I speak to a Human? WoW Account Closed

My WoW account was closed with vague explanation. I’ve only been met with bot responses on my ticket.

I suspect it was because I glitched in Wintersgrasp Battleground and got mass reported for hacking. After swapping seats on siege I dropped connection. When I relogged I was invulnerable but unable to attack, effectively useless in the bg.

Another problem is, I’ve waited ten days, and I still haven’t been unbanned. It says my account is CLOSED not suspended. Very strange since I’ve never even been suspended once.

Appreciate the help.

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This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Legacy Games – old games such as Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and the Battle.Net editions of Diablo I and Warcraft II.

I would normally refer you to the WoW forums but, in this case, there are no forums to discuss account penalties.

Yes – that is usually done on purpose in some cases… for example, to prevent hack or cheating software developpers from learning how their software was detected, therefore allowing them to code differently to evade detection.

Bots do not reply to appeals… (human) Game Masters do.

Blizzard uses templates when replying to appeals. I suspect this is done for efficiency purposes – GMs simply don’t have time to compose a personal reply to each and every player appealing an account penalty; it also ensures that everyone in a particular situation is provided with the same “approved” message.

Nothing can be done on the forums… you need to contact Blizzard with a ticket; you can do so until they tell you that the decision is final.

You can request that someone reviews the evidence they have against your account via the ticket system but keep in mind that that is not an opportunity to discuss or plead your case. Blizzard only considers the evidence they have on their system.

You will find more details on the appeal process in this Support article:

Good luck !


They can ask for general advice on the WoW Customer Support forum, but there are no GMs there. They can not process appeals. It is the one place people can at least ask questions about the process.

The Forum Support Agents can help clarify things and serve as an Information Desk. They often help explain penalties to folks.

If an infraction is severe enough Blizzard simply closes the account. They don’t have to suspend an account first.

Your email should have given you the category of the infraction, if not the CS forums might be able to tell you the category. The most they will tell you is cheating/third party software/botting or something. They won’t tell you which program was detected or when.

Boubou has a great explanation of the rest of it.


Thanks for all the responses. The feedback helps. Opening another ticket.


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