Bug report on the bug reporting link

I filed a bug report several months back regarding an operator mission not working. I am unable to make another bug report regarding daily missions not working in season 3 of warzone. It says I already filled out that form when I click on the bug report link.

The daily missions I am trying to report are start 3 contracts at the karst river quarry, get 3 kills at the karst river quarry, and open 6 caches at the gora summit. Please fix all these issues, season 3 has been riddled with bugs.

I see from your other post you have an issue with the Activision game Warzone.

Blizzard distributes the software that Activision makes. Blizzard does not make the software, run the servers, handle bug reporting, QA or anything else.

If you wish to provide feedback to Activision you need to do that through their feedback mechanisms.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not represent Blizzard.

I can’t report it through their feedback mechanisms, that is the whole point.

I do understand that Glitter. However Blizzard is not the same company as Activision. Posting here won’t get your concerns heard. You need to use Activision’s website and feedback means. If those don’t work, you need to relay that to Activision. They need to know that their bug reporting link does not work.