BUG: Character Encounters Raid API - Last Killed Incorrect

I noticed an unusual anomaly in the returned results on the character encounters raid endpoint. While the vast majority of returned results seem to be working fine I noticed that the Cataclysm Raids Firelands and Dragon Soul seem to be “stuck” in time and not updating.

I ran a query against several characters that I know have run the raids in the last two weeks and all of them show the last killed timestamp as several years ago. For example:

                    "encounter": {
                      "key": {
                        "href": "https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/journal-encounter/198?namespace=static-9.2.5_43810-us"
                      "name": "Ragnaros",
                      "id": 198
                    "completed_count": 5,
                    "last_kill_timestamp": 1491971843000

As you can see according to the entry the last kill was Tuesday, April 11, 2017 9:37:23 PM when this was actually cleared earlier today and while in game it does reflect the character is under an active lockout.

If you need some characters to verify this just let me know.