Bought wrong ring for Bullions

Hello! I recently bought wrong ring for Bullions… got a brain freeze and bought Seal of filial duty instead of Seal of Diurna’s Chosen.

Now my question is will game master help me refund my Bullions so i can buy the right Ring again?

Hi there! Your issue is related to WoW, not to the data API used by third party sites to make addons and apps, which is what this forum is for. There is a WoW Support Information Desk though that can help answer questions about what types of things they can help with.

The answer though, is that no, I don’t think you can get GM assistance. Anything that has a refund timer on it is already set up for a player to correct their own mistake within a 2 hour window. You are free to ask on the CS forum if it is possible, or even put in a ticket if you want. The worst they can say is “no”. Ticket times are in the range of several days right now for a reply.

Unfortunately no they will not due to it asking if you are sure you want that piece of gear. Just went through this with the Mark of Mastery and getting the PVP piece instead of the PVE piece.