I dont understand whats going on I can’t get into the game at all… I just keep getting the same error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing. help?


I’m having the same issue, I go to launch MW2 it says “launching… playing now” Then after a few seconds it’ll go back to “play” and the error code pops up???


This is my issue, i have contacted support but then it doesnt show my active ticket anywhere, i literally played the game yesturday, it was laggy, found games at 200ms ping. But i still played it. Not the very next day, didnt do anything but close out app on my desktop, and now im getting the error code and it states to update and repair it or install it into another folder, i have done all of that. I even updated and restarted my computer, nothing has fixed the issue, i have even downloaded the game on steam and that wont start up either. I literally played the dang game yesterday, they really need to do something about this.


I tried verifying game files, downloading it to another folder, and even trying to download it on steam. But it’s the same for both and steam


I just built a new AMD 5 7950x and a MSI 4090 Nvidia card with 64 gigs of g-skill ram and 4tb Seagate Firecuda boot drive. It is Xmas day i got $100 Blizzard card so I could buy this new game and it won’t even launch w/o a scan and repair error of this 000012 error. What a waste of $99. I don’t know what to do to fix this I have tried everything above no luck…

same exact thing happened to me today

Tech support does not care about solving the problem with the account on I am writing this message here and in other sections - purposefully. Even if it’s not on the topic, but everyone should know that they don’t care about game buyers. People pay them money for games that cannot be entered later. They do not want to return the money and do not want to solve the issue of blocking accounts. The result is a fraudulent scheme. Personally, I don’t care about the money spent! But I am outraged by the bestial attitude towards people who are from Russia or Ukraine!!!

zdravím zapnu blizzard kliknu na warzone chci spustit hru [BLZBNTBNA00000012) a oběvuje semi tato chyba + bootstrapperCrashHandler.exe vtupní bod nebyl nalezen co stím?? děkuji

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