BLZBNTBNA00000012 Error

Hi all,
I’ve been struggling to play Call of Duty Warzone lately because it’s been giving me the BLZBNTBNA0000012 error. I’ve tried many different methods to solve this issue and none have worked.
Things I have tried:

  1. Taking the Modern Warfare File and Moving it to a newly created file, going to finding the new location and updating it. Everything was perfectly fine until the very last part after the update was finished. After it was done downloading It would say “paused” right underneath the play button for a solid minute before going away. I’ve never seen this in any “tutorial” on youtube. when it goes away and I click play it still gives me the error.
  2. Finding the .exe in the modern warfare file and double-clicking it or right-click and starting as administrator. Both don’t work for me. I’ve gotten all the way to the loading screen once a while back but it kicked me out right before opening up the main menu. Now it doesn’t even make it to the loading screen. Lately, I’ve been getting the error that my whole computer is messed up because I use windows 10 and not anything newer which is stupid because cold war works fine on my current system. I don’t plan on ever going to windows 11 and I don’t think I need to.
  3. Removing any lines of code in the game setting in, doesn’t work because I’ve never had any lines of code to delete so that didn’t apply to me.
  4. Changing region doesn’t work
  5. Checking if it’s up to date and scanning/repair doesn’t work I’ve tried that 3 times and no results.
    I have really crappy internet and it took me 3 days to install the update and an extra 2 days to do the scan and repair downloads and nothing has worked… I hope I can solve this issue without having to download it again and again…

You can’t have game in Downloads, Desktop, Windows or Temp directory. Move the whole game map into the C/CoD


both black ops cold war and warzone are in my D:\ Drive and in a folder that I created called Downloads.
Currently, my game is in a new folder I made called crappy game
D:\Downloads\CrappyGame\Call of Duty Modern Warfare
the reason it’s in its folder is because of what I said on #1

also I don’t have a C:\CoD folder

Try move to D:/CrappyGame/Call of Duty Modern Warfare without downloads directory. And run as Admin. This worked for me…


Ok it stopped giving me the error and I’m able to start the game but it keeps kicking me out, so we’re making progress lol

Make and Modern warfare.exe that will run ad Admin.
Right mouse click on the icons, than properties, compatibility, than check Run this program as an Administrator. And than ofcourse Apply an OK :smiley:

If the game still crashing try this. Delete ALL 0 and 1 kb files in the Data/data directory under MW game files!

The first method didn’t work, I’m trying the second right now and I’m confused. I have files that are named 0c0000003b.idx and so on that are 128 kb and then there are data.000 and data.001 and so on that are 1,048,408 kb.

its: D:\CrappyGame\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\Data\data

Delete just files that are 0kb or 1kb size. Any files that are larger than 0kb or 1kb you should leave it in the map.

i am so confused @pixych like i have tried all this is there a way u can add me to discord and try to walk me thought this

i have the same problem. Removed de game download and install it. Repair oke.

Some times i am able to play, but mostly it wil not play.

Ok so how I fixed my issue is if you have AMD go into the AMD software and launch it from there has worked for me.

Where the game is installed it cant contain Downloads, Desktop, Windows or Temp directory.
Move or install the whole game into the C:\CoD\ or D:\CoD\ or whatever your disc name is. Just directly to disc directory.
Next, when you install game go to D:\CoD\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\Data\data or C:\CoD\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\Data\data and look only for files that are 0kb or 1kb in size. And delete them. Than launch as Administrator. If it cant find game automaticly, click search for games ( it is under huge blue button on the left down). And start game, it should work.
So your directory where the game is instaled should be: (your disc name “c”, “d”):\CoD\Call of Duty Modern Warfare…
Just avoid desktop directory. You dont need shortcut of the game on desktop. Only shortcut. When starting the launch as Admin.


that still didnt work

im having the same problem. i can load into the game and load into a match. but as soon as the game starts and it freezes and then kicks me to my desktop screen and wont let me play how do i fix that.

Uninstalled the game entirely and redownloaded it just now. Still not launching. Checked for updates and none exist. Scanning and Repairing again.,

j’ai tout essayer aussi je comprend pas ça me la fait d’un coup

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Since Blizzard is not doing anything to resolve this major issue… Here’s a fix that should work for everybody.

  1. Open → Click play → The error message appears → Close message.
  2. Click the little gear icon next to “Play” button → Show in explorer.
  3. Open " Call of Duty Modern Warfare" folder → Scroll till you see " Modern Warfare Launcher.exe" and “ModernWarfare.exe”
  4. Close completely
  5. Double click on " Modern Warfare Launcher.exe" → launches
  6. Click play → The error message appears → Close message.
  7. Double click on “ModernWarfare.exe”
  8. The game launches and you shouldnt encounter any problem.

This works for me. but i dont like how i have to go through all these steps just to open this damn game lol

Running all involved programs as admin did not work for me.