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I cannot express how frustrated with blizzard support I am. I knew that support had gone down hill over the years but this is ridiculous. I have been having an issue and my first ticket was auto closed with please visit wowhead, or the forums, or icy veins. I tried to find the answer there first. After my first ticket was auto closed I tried opening 2 more in different categories thinking maybe my issues was mislabled. None of those tickets appear to have ever been created in my ticket log. So I tried making a new ticket for the same category as the first. Still no new tickets in my queue.

I remember the days when you could get a gm to chat with you in game, or you could call customer service on the phone and talk to someone to help you. Now you are pigeon holed into this system that auto closes your tickets because there are too many tickets in the system.

This is unacceptable.

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If you want assistance navigating the support system you can ask on the Customer Support forum. It serves as an information desk to guide you through ticket categories, knowledge base, policies, services, etc.

They can also advise you if your issue is something a GM can help with or not. They are not allowed to give game hints, and are also not allowed to individually fix most bugs. Those have to wait for devs to release a hot fix or patch.

Asking on CS would be your best best.

While a Blue answer is not guaranteed, they are around most of the work day.

Here is the issue. I have checked the in game banner and the wowhead BFA attunement tracker. Both show that all prerequisites to unlock the mechagnomes are complete. Green checkmarks in game and the wowhead tool states complete. Despite both of these showing that the race should be unlocked and the allied race quest should be available the stormwind emissary does not have the quest for the mechagnomes.
Since I was directed to wowhead by the automated response, which closed my ticket, I believe that since both the in game banner and the wowhead tool both show that the race should be available there is an issue here. Not sure if there is a bug on my character where the quest is not populating, or if there is a bug with the achievement? But that is why I selected the quest/acheivement support ticket, which again was automatically closed. If there is a long wait time let me choose whether to wait. Having my ticket auto closed with no way to respond is extremely frustrating. Like I said all of my subsequent tickets do not even appear to exist.

If there are any other requirements aside from the two listed on the in game banner - lvl 50 and the achievement mechagon threat, it should be listed on the in game banner. If they are going to send me to wowhead then the information on the wowhead tool should be correct. The wowhead tool does not even address the level 50 requirement, only the achievement.

Ah, this is an age old issue and it is tricky. You can only do one allied race unlock quest at a time. If you have any other one going on any char (I think), it can prevent another from showing up.

You are probably going to have to comb through your quest logs and make very sure you finish up any ongoing quests. It is also possible you started mechagon already and are just lost on the quest chain.

Those are all things the GMs are not allowed to help you with. That is why you got sent to Wowhead.

The CS forum has volunteers though who might be able to help you sort out which quest you are on and where to go from here. Make sure to give them the char-server you need to complete it on.

All other unlocked allied quests are complete and unlocked. As my only alliance character the quest has not been started.

I feel your pain - happening to me too - every other race unlocked - achievements, level well and truly passed, even exalted (though on a horde) reputation. No recruitment quest. Even tried on a different alliance character in case it was that one that was glitching.

Running out of things to try - somewhat frustrated as I didn’t have any trouble with any of the other races.