Blizzard support contact

Is there a way to expedite a ticket? I randomly decided to download wow classic to have a little fun and nostalgia. Come to find out my wow account is banned. I haven’t played wow since around 2009 so I’m assuming my account got hacked to bot or something. I submitted a ticket but haven’t heard back. Is there any way to follow up?

I am afraid there is no way to expedite a ticket. They all wait in the same queue.

If you got a ticket number then it should be filed properly. If it has been more than a week, you may have made a mistake and need to put in a new ticket. Be sure you gave them the info they need. When they do reply, be sure to answer it using the ticket function, NOT email. That is a no-reply email.

Also, they can’t expedite it either, but you can get information about the ticket process and find out if your ticket got properly submitted via the WoW Customer Support Forum. Those are not GMs and can’t fix it for you, but they do serve as an Information Desk.

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