Blizzard servers SUCK to download from

Heyo Blizzard,

I have fast internet, I can download from anywhere else and it’s fast. Download from your app, and OML it is so freaking slow… When are you going to listen to your customers and actually SPEED UP YOUR CONNECTIONS?

Even better UPGRADE YOUR HARDWARE or something cause damn… I downloaded a 150 GB game off another place and downloaded in a minute… Download COD BOCW from your app and it’s been 5 minutes and it’s slow as hell.

All limits in the app is removed too.

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It has been like this for years and Blizzard never acknowledged it.
I am dowloading a 2g patch, it’s been 20 min and I’m only at 11%.
Great service Blizzard.

I’m a fellow player and do not work at Blizzard. I decided to reinstall Diablo IV today to check a few things out, but the speeds seemed pretty good to me. Keep in mind that the speed of internet service is measured in megabits and the launcher is displaying megabytes (bigger); the max download speed on the launcher won’t match the max speed of the internet plan.


I recommend checking the terms of service with your internet provider, as it sounds like they are throttling your downloads. Gaming traffic is often deprioritized, especially in the U.S.

I was having the same issues, slow download going 20kb. Looked around for fixes and found one that helped, it was on reddit.

  1. Pause Update

  2. Go into BATTLENET settings and limit download speed to 100kb/s

  3. resume download

  4. After 5-10 seconds of letting download run, go back into settings and remove speed limit


Once I did that it went full speed.

I guess this will work until the next update.