Download limits change to 20 when set to 0 are slow

Is there an issue or change to the way download limits work?

When i change to 0 it auto selects 20 KB/s. When I try something like 1000000 KB/s, in attempt to get max throughput, it still maxes out at around 130 KB/s.

I have a 100 Mbps connection so should easily be getting better. Is it a DDOS limitation based on recent issues?

Not to my knowledge. If you change settings and they aren’t saving, there may be a permission problem on the directory where Bnet is installed/saves user settings.

Thanks Nicole. Uninstalled and reinstalled battlenet but still have the same issue. In fact that process took forever with what seems to be the same issue, which is very slow downloads out of blizzard. I’m presuming this is a result of the DDOS attacks they have been suffering from. I know that the issue is not at my end because I can get speeds of up to 100 Mbps without issue.

Highly doubt it’s a content delivery issue. I just installed Diablo IV 3 days ago and saw good speeds.


Your ISP could be throttling gaming traffic, or there could be an issue on the PC causing the write speed to be very slow (poor performance of the drive, not enough space, permission errors, security software, etc.). Some players mentioned deleting the WMI repository as a solution for install issues, but I don’t have any official word from Blizz on that.

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