Blizzard removed Geforce Now

Why were all the blizzard games removed from GeForce now? That was the only way I could play and now I can’t. If yall are going to remove it from GeForce now please bring overwatch to mac.


It’s likely due to Bliz’s EULA restrictions on cloud services. Since it’s prohibited, NVIDIA probably removed them so that they don’t inadvertently get a Blizzard customer in trouble.

The thing though is that these games have been on their for close to two years without blizzard doing anything and the claim is that blizzard removed them not Nvidia.

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That’s what I was saying. Due to the cloud restrictions, Bliz would have requested NVIDIA remove those services so that neither customer ends up in trouble going forward.

As per EULA it looks like GFN was authorized by Blizzard yesterday and not authorized today. It’s a really crappy move by Blizzard IMHO

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I have the same problem. Can not play any games anymore as my laptop doesn’t support them. Whether they are working on it or not, they should let us know what happened and is gonna happen in the future. Quite upset about the whole situation.

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It’s not something they are working on, at least not in the short term, unfortunately. Blizzard (and Activision) has pulled all their games from GeForce Now, for what reason, it’s not wholly known. There’s lots of articles on it online. They don’t get into the whys so much though.

I am very mad about this I really want blizzard to work with geforce now I bought a sub and i bought shadowlands and now i can’t even use it because i don’t have a powerful enough graphics card that supports there game seriously so i put money into there pocket for a return of them just tossing the thing helping me give them money out the door

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You can try contacting Bliz for refunds.

Shadowlands isn’t out yet so there’s a good chance that they will grant it.

As for the your subscription, you can try the same, but that may be less likely. You can try to present it exactly how it happened: the game has been taken away from you.

I never hurts to ask!

This is such a shame. I guess my 20 year customer relationship with Blizzard is at an end. Using GeForce Now to enable my gaming on various platforms with the performance comparable to a high end desktop without the cost was huge.

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Hey all,

Things are looking better in this!

It’s just nVidia clarifying that the removal was not their fault. We already knew that. What’s stopping Blizzard from giving the go ahead? Why doesn’t Activision say anything meaningful?

It indicates, a couple of times even, that NVIDIA was the one with “its wires crossed”, so I wouldn’t jump straight to claiming that NVIDIA is saying it wasn’t their fault.

Contract negotiations. Seeing that it was just this week that it was realized that there’s no contract, it’s reasonable to assume that the process is still in an early stage. Terms have to be drawn up, contracts drafted and reviewed, agreements on both sides, etc.

Not sure, but silence doesn’t mean nothing is being done.

Activision could say “We’re working with nVidia to get the situation resolved” They don’t, likely because they aren’t.

And forego all the revenue they’d generate by having all those people purchase their games? Again, just because nothing is said doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

Let’s see. They chose to forego all the revenue they generated from Twitch by doing Google’s bidding and moving everything to YouTube gaming, losing a massive portion of their audience and upsetting the fans by choosing the perceived lesser service and canceling any Twitch earned tokens in the process.

They chose to forego all the revenue they would have gained by releasing a polished reforge of Warcraft 3 that was true to the original and a homage to the fans. They went for the quick buck here too and failed.

They chose to forego all the revenue they would have maintained if they just stayed out of the issues in Hong Kong, instead of trying to silence speech.

And they’re choosing to forego all the revenue they’d generate by having all those people purchase their games, because many people did and they were completely left out to dry by Activision Blizzard. Every day that goes by is less goodwill and less revenue for them. Every day is another choice to forego revenue.

With the GCN deal Google seems to have Activision over a barrel. Apparently Activision WILL forego all that revenue to give Google what they want. That must be one heck of a contract Google has over their heads.

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The Twitch to Google move I don’t know enough about.

The WC3R point you are being too myopic about. First, when they released it didn’t matter. There was a deluge of anger and refunds when they delayed release in order to “polish” and continue developing it. They’ve also overtly stated that much of what existed will be coming in the months after release. second, with all the claims that people will re buy it once it catches up, it’s not nearly the lost revenue you think it to be.

As for the Hong Kong thing, that is exactly what they tried to do: stay out of it. Bliz didn’t act in response to Blitzchung’s opinions or political position. They acted on their rule to not use Blizzard as platform to push political agendas. After the incident, they even stated that they support human rights and freedom of speech, but that the rules of the competition that the players agree on, to not abuse the visibility Blizzard was affording them, were broken.

That’s what I just said above. It was in response to your claim that they aren’t going to anything when there’s been public statements that it was a misunderstanding. That quite directly implies that there’s no bad blood, and that they are willing to work on getting the games back on the service.

Twice now you’ve make claims that are in direct opposition to what’s been publicly announced, as if you’re trying to brush it aside to align with your position.

On a separate note, this forum is specifically for feedback for the beta version of the BDA. It’s not meant for discussion about 3rd party software, Bliz’s business decisions, criticisms, judgement, etc. I’m going to end here so that we don’t continue to add unnecessary noise to a development forum.

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You’re apologizing for Blizzard’s bad behavior. But that’s ok, that’s your job.
I don’t envy you your job, though. Blizzard isn’t making it easy to support or justify their harebrained decisions these days.

GeForce Now is utilizing exactly the model that Stadia should have implemented, but here we see the challenge. It’s too generous. It’s too convenient for consumers and doesn’t do enough to appease greedy corporate overlords at the world’s biggest, richest game companies. Hopefully they wise up and realize that even when you can’t have all the money, you can still have some of it.
-There’s No Good Reason For Bethesda And Activision To Pull Games From GeForce Now (But There Is A Bad One), [Erik Kain], Forbes, Published 02/22/2020

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I’m so upset about this. I completely agree - the only reason why I bought Overwatch was because of GFN. I truly hope they do something about it soon - I feel like they just ripped it off the platform without any warning, and it’s completely unfair for us. If I had known it wouldn’t always be available, I probably wouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

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Consumers these days. They want everything for the 5e monthly. Its gonnet out of hand. They dont understand development cost or anything…

Basicially they want to have access ALL the activision games for JUST 5e/month which is geforce now price. :smiley: and not ONLY that also other geforce now games too. =D

Its same amount of money they get from customers buying 2 sypply drops.