Blizzard just pulled games from the Nvidia's GeForce Now platform?!

Yeah, but the way they are doing it is wrong.


you mean IP is Intellectual Property? Blizzard is worrying about copying a piece of intellectual propery is different from stealing on object? Just wondering.

I just got on my schools esports team where i practice on my mac outside of school and have been using geforce for a year and now i’m screwed and will probably be switched out with one of our alternates


I don’t think this is true, from their EULA they don’t specify a list of authorized cloud services so we can’t be sure, but I’m guessing nVidia and Blizzard had an agreement prior.

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Indeed. There could have been something contractual going on behind the scenes that prevented Bliz from taking action. And perhaps any contracts that existed either expired or were negotiated out of.

The thing that pisses me off is that people bought Blizzard’s games during the past week because they could play them on GFN. The games were splattered all over the GFN app, they were present through the entire 2 year Beta stage, and now they wake up one morning and decide to pull everything from the service? It’s not fair! They should be issuing refunds for people in this situation!

Look at my support ticket:
Hello. I recently subscribed the new cloud gaming service from Nvidia (GeForce Now) in order to play Overwatch and other blizzard games.
Today I got the news that the entire activision-blizzard library will be removed from the service following a request by activision-blizzard.
This is a huge let down for me and countless other people all over the world who relied on this service to play their games. GeForce Now has been in beta for about 2 years, with blizzard onboard, without any issues. Now that the service has launched, you remove your catalog from it. I just don’t get it. GFN is a win-win-win for everybody, everybody gets their cash, their share of the cake. This decision makes no sense and I’d like you to please provide me with further details and if this situation is still being debated with Nvidia.
Thank you.

Hi there,
Thank you for contacting us about the availability of Activision Blizzard games on GeForce Now.
Please note that we have no further information to share about this at the moment and if you have any questions or concerns about the GeForce Now service you’ll need to contact Nvidia directly.
Thanks, take care and have a great day!

This is not enough. A lot of people bought games or subscribed (WoW) because they could finally play them through GeForce Now. These people have been left in the dust, with games bought that they cannot play locally on their computers.
Blizzard-Activision games were available on the service through the entire beta period. This answer is NOT enough.
Nvidia’s feedback is that this was a request submitted by Blizzard. As a paying costumer, I demand an explanation as to why this is happening and how people can get refunds, taking in consideration the fact that many already played the games for a length of time (when they were available on the GFN service).
It’s your obligation to provide a solution to this.

I’m game master Arcaxenosi, thanks for reaching out to us.

With regards to cloud services when it comes to our games, the EULA can be found in here:
(they included a link to the EULA)
(section 1. The Platform. C. License Limitations. V. Cloud Computing)

That basically describes the limitations that we impose when it comes to our game licenses an cloud computing

Now Nvidia, has also made an announcement that can be found in here:
(they included a link to nvidia’s forum page)

We as support, do not have sadly anything else to add with regards to this matter. That is all the information that currently we can share with you and the rest of the community. I would watch our news page, for any potential future announcements.
If you have any feedback to provide about this matter, which I understand it can be frustrating and disappointing for you, as you were looking forward in using that service with our games, you will welcome it!

I realise that this may not be the reply that you were looking for, I do hope that it answers your ticket though. Take care!

Even though I understand that cloud services are specifically prohibited on Blizzard’s EULA, you need to understand that we mere users simply saw Activision-Blizzard’s games advertised all over the Geforce Now service and went along with it, taking them for granted.
Additionally Acti-Bliz’s games were available on GFN through it’s 2 year-long beta program as well as the FULL first week of Live Service after it launched. A lot of people went ahead during this period and bought your games to play on GFN.

You are losing all the confidence from the gaming community, not just because of this but the whole plethora of drama in recent months - and even though I’m just one voice, I want to be heard.
You MUST take some other approach regarding this and allow refunds for people on this special situation if they request it.

This situation is NOT FAIR.


I hope those who did make purchases since launch talk to their bank about chargebacks. And the EULA suddenly meaning something this past week, but not the prior years seems like a BS excuse :slight_smile: .


This is the response i got to my ticket:

My name is Zanngrue and I’m a Game Master here at Blizzard. Thanks for your patience while we got to your ticket. I was able to take a look at your account, and I think I have some answers for you!

While we appreciate your passion for seeing Blizzard games on GeForce Now, I’m afraid this situation isn’t one Blizzard Customer Service can assist with, nor are we an avenue for feedback or suggestions like this. If you have comments, thoughts, or feedback, I encourage you to share it with Nvidia on their website here: (snip because of Blizzard’s awful link policies)

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us!

So typical deflection even though it is clear that the action came from Blizzard


Activision signed that awful agreement to use Google GCN and YouTube Gaming instead of Twitch. Google has an interest in Stadia. Google used the Activision GCN agreement to force Activision to pull their games from any service that makes Stadia look bad (read: all of them). That’s the reality of what happened. Activision punished their customers and damaged their long term income and goodwill by chasing the short term deal with the devil (Google).

Now they know: Can’t shake the devil’s hand and say you’re only kidding, Activision.


They make great games, but they are deeply rotten people from the inside. Scandalous.

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Correction. They USED to make great games. Not so much anymore.


Shi tty move blizzard! better have good explanation for this.


In a way of protest, I will stop spending money of any kind on Blizzard products until they put Battlenet back on Geforce Now.


Im about to do the same, and God knows how much time i spend on Blizzard games. Canceling WoW sub right now for a start. This non sense has to stop.


this will be the last bad move Blizzard will ever give me. I will never buy an Activision/blizzard game again, and I will never relaunch a game I already own. I won’t listen to excuses or explanations…


Yes, very poor decision on Blizzards part. I was helping set up three family members with new accounts…not anymore.


I don’t know what are they thinking but ti is unfair.


I got the same exact auto-generated answer.


I was playing this game on an old laptop using Geforce NOW. To my understanding, Geforce NOW streaming service has been asked to remove Blizzard titles from their library. If this remains true and I am unable to use Geforce NOW application in conjunction with Blizzard titles, I will be unable to play these games and will unsubscribe immediately. Please let me know how Activision/Blizzard plan to move forwards so I can continue my enjoying my service.


Same…But now, we can’t.