Blizzard just pulled games from the Nvidia's GeForce Now platform?!

For over a year now I’ve been playing games like OverWatch using Nvidia GeForceNow streaming platform. Today I logged in to have a quick round or two and wasn’t able to find OverWatch on the GeForceNow launcher. Turns out Blizzard pulled all its games off the platform…

what the heck Blizzard?!?!?

This literally means I can no longer play your games (that, by the way, I paid for!)
Come on Blizzard, start working with your gamers, not against them. As a paid customer I should be able to run my games from anywhere I want, reinstate your games with GeForce Now!


I fully agree with above. This is a sad day. I love the games but from now on not able to play any of those, guess I have to cancel the subscriptions going forward.


samething for me, Geforce Now give me the possibility to play with my game without having a monster computer that I have more, a simple desktop computer does the job. I stop playing Diablo a couple a year ago because not have good computer… today is a sad dayyyyyyyyyy snifffffffffff… come on blizzard think customer first…


As a paying customer for over 15years to your games, I find this quite disappointing on your part. The ability to play your games made easier and you remove it. Shame on you. I request you rethink your decision.


I agree this is really bad, I’ve submitted a ticket as a great many of us are now down a game.


Very disappointed @ Blizzard. I have a couple of family members with low end PC’s that were very excited with the public release of geforce now. This move only hurts consumers/gamers.


Hey folks,

This was to comply with Bliz’s restrictions on cloud based gaming services that were put into effect in mid 2018.

Unfortunate, yes, but it was done to prevent customers from suffering any punative action against their game license or Battlenet account.


This is so…bad…I paid the game and I can’t play in no more…Blizzard should add their game on any platform like GFN because it’s a way to get more customers and more happy people


Dude…I don’t think that’s true…if GFN wasn’t safe not even one single Steam game should be there


I don’t know if it had anything to do with being safe. (I don’t know the underlying reasons.) But suspect it likely had something to do with protecting IP, protecting the game experience and/or support.

If Steam and their affiliates’ EULAs allow their content to be played on cloud based services, then it’s not an issue.

Надеюсь все вернется в течении нескольких дней, иначе смыл играть через gfn не будет, как и оплачивать подписку wow если Я не могу в нее играть

The EULA states the following

v. Cloud Computing: Use the Platform, including a Game, in connection with any unauthorized third-party “cloud computing” services, “cloud gaming” services, or any software or service designed to enable the unauthorized streaming or transmission of Game content from a third-party server to any device.

The issue is that yesterday GFN was authorised, but today Blizzard decided that it’s not, really awful move for Blizzard.

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I don’t know what Blizzard think about GFN but this is unfair…there are many peoples witch paid for overwatch to play it on GFN…and now they can’t…

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Yeah…,but why was Overwatch on GFN until now?

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My guess is they were happy to let it slide when GFN was still in beta and not really big, now that it’s coming out as the dominant player in the game streaming market, Blizzard probably wants to build their own equivalent. Good luck to them getting the latency down though, part of the reason NVidia is best placed for this is that they are using the hardware decode features on their range of mid-range + graphics cards, Google found out just how difficult the latency problem is with is Stadia service (just checked, no Blizzard/Activision games on there either, incidentally)


I don’t know the answer to that. There’s likely all kinds of legal/contractual aspects behind the scenes.

But technically, everyone who had been playing Bliz games on GeForce Now was in violation of the EULA. Bliz may have been letting it slide while they and NVIDIA were coordinating the removal.

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So…we can only hope that Blizzard Games will be added to the GFN again?

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We can definitely hope. But unfortunately, until Bliz changes their EULA to allow cloud based services, GeForce Now is out of the picture.

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I don’t think they’ll change their EULA momentary. :confused:

Yeah, I don’t see it changing either. I don’t what exactly, but Bliz did it to protect something of theirs.

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