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I’m sick and tired of the blizzard employees I recently was selling my in-game services to players for in game currency upon doing so the community said I was using the wrong channel I asked why the channel wasn’t the right one. after asking this question my account was silenced as I tried to type in game, and I could not see what I was typing 5minutes later I was suspended for verbal abuse. I requested a ticket for false ban because I did not harass etc. anyone upon waiting 30 HOURS which is absurd considering some free 2 play games have less than an hour response time. I was greeted with this game master Adhaglaudock . clearly English is a second language for this person Soley based on their name which is a very fair assumption. he gave me a 2-line response that was clearly automatic without addressing or even bothering to review the evidence handed to him. other tickets I have submitted in the past got a fair reasonable response and had a very clear (English name) always with a minimum 4/5-line response with detail or a more precise answer to my tickets. I’m sick and tired of these things happening their employees don’t care enough to at least get people who understand English or care enough to give a proper response.

The names come from a random nickname generator. They are made up character names. They don’t use real names. Your assumption has no factual basis. No Blizzard GM has a real name.

There is indeed only one channel they allow carry/services to be sold in. You also have to do it with a character that intends to be involved in the run, not a level 1 or a newly made char.

You were reported by your fellow players. If you were advertising outside of the proper location, it would result in a penalty. A suspension means it was not your first penalty.

You can read more about the advertising policy here


If you have feedback about the GM interaction related to your appeal, you can use the survey sent when the ticket is closed. That goes to supervisors.

If you have questions about the policy overall, the Customer Support forum serves as an Information Desk and can help clarify policy questions for you. Note, that it is not a place to file complaints about staff.

Last, posting about account actions specifically, is against forum rules.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not speak for, or represent, Blizzard.

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i was using the correct channel according to the links provided, i was also using a character that was going to be doing the services and is over 6 years previous suspension was 5 1/2 years ago and was for AFKing in pvp . so, following all information, you provided your telling me i got a 2nd suspension because i had one from 5 years ago and had absoultely nothing to do with the reason i was suspended this time nor is my current even catagorized under the correct reason? that is absolutely ridiculous. i do apreciate a REAL response its pathetic people on the forums give 10000% more detail and explanation than a real Game Master does.

Unfortunately, Blizzard over the years has gone down in customer service. For instance, they now have a WoW community council because they don’t care to face issues head on with their player base. That’s just the plain truth of it.

One of these days, (hopefully Michael Morhaime’s Dream Haven/Secret Door, who is also former CEO of Blizzard) a company is going to create a game that’s going to blow World of WarCraft out of the water. When that happens, people won’t stick around for their crap because they don’t give us a reason to. Their customer service sucks, and their games aren’t that far behind.

they have no customer service you get better results on these forums. receiving generated responses when you pay 60$ every 2 years and 15$ a month is not okay. and the suspensions are automatic several streamers such as asmongold has shown LIVE example of automated suspensions on his own accounts but due to him being a streamer the 2 times he has done this his problem was fixed and or responded to within the hour.

I remember a time where I could call Blizzard concerning a WoW issue and they would actually connect me to a person. That person actually helped me, every time.

Their employees now are just garbage. It sucks, because they had a very long history of great customer service. That’s why I don’t play their games like I used to. No point in investing anymore real time into a game that’s attached to a company that’s going to eventually die.

i remember doing this as well at least twice calling a representative and getting my issue handled LIVE .i agree as of now i canceled and uninstalled all services with this company . sad some of the f2p games i also play have less than a 2hr ticket response time let alone a person who actually explains the situation and doesn’t just send u a random link with 200 rules posted not explaining which u broke or even bothering to give your ticket a REAL review.

Yep. They think that creating a Community Council and just using copy/paste is the right direction. It isn’t.

One of the MVP’s on another thread was saying “No good experiences are spoken about” and of all the tickets they resolve, the bad ones are “Far and few in between” and that just simply isn’t the case. I’ve been playing Blizzard Entertainment games for 25yrs as well. I can tell you with absolute certainty that they just don’t care anymore. I was really looking forward to buying Diablo 4, but it won’t happen. Not with who’s running their customer service department.

Been in customer service for over 15yrs. Hire me, i’ll show you how it’s supposed to be done.

i sent them video evidence screenshots with a very precise detailed time window etc of what happened . only to get a response of this
-We understand that you may still have concerns regarding the action, but we must reiterate that it was taken to address a violation of the End User License Agreement which all players accept before logging into the game.

We understand that these policies may seem harsh, but they are in place to ensure that every player is able to enjoy their time in our games. Thank you for respecting our position.

copy/paste garbage what a great response to a ticket with 3 screenshots 20min video recording and 1400 letter appeal.

There has been a squelch function in game for a LONG time. It was put in for gold spammers and advertisers. When the silence system came out in 2016, Asmon had his followers report him to see what happened. He triggered the squelch system. Yes, that does work.

However, he got it lifted and then he got Suspended for abusing the reporting system.

So he proved if there are enough reports in a short enough time a squelch happens on the worst of things. He also proved GMs will punish people, even famous ones, for abusing the report system.

That was nicer, certainly. However, they got rid of it more than 10 years ago. The phone was supposed to be for account access, billing, and some tech support. People called it for everything under the sun, including things that were supposed to go through tickets, bug reports, or that were not even GM related at all (like wanting jokes or game hints).

People were getting a busy signal calling, if they got through it was 2 hours on hold. Those holds ate up cell minutes and people were upset.

They went to a ticket triage system that still had phone callback or live chat for some issues. That last part went away with the pandemic.

So yeah, it is super frustrating. The CS forum will help guide people through what there is of the ticket system options though so people don’t waste time or hav things in the wrong category.

Blizzard does not accept any outside information such as screenshots or videos. Sadly, people can fake those :frowning: They only use their own log data internally. When someone reports you it captures the name, server, chat channel, chat logs, etc. That is what the GMs use to determine if the the report was valid or not. Then they go against account history for penalties.

They do use a template that has been approved for replies on appeals. That much is true. If it was overturned they would have likely apologized and given you game time, but that would be template too, even though a real person looks at it.

Not saying that is great, but for appeals they don’t engage personally and let folks argue.

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